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My first Srb2kart map pack is this, I would love some feedback and this is currently the beta so there might be weird places were you randomly die or fall that don't make sense or wasn't intended. Any changes in the units place is a major update, in the tenths digit has some map changes that involve changing layout and music and, the hundredths digit is for minor updates to maps which will just fix parts of the map that like said above might fix un intended death spots on the map or places were you fall through the map. Replaced the music for monokuma forest.

Updates will release every month.
Version releases
20/7/2020: Beta 1.00 has been released.
Changes: Initial release

22/7/2020: Beta 1.01
Changes: Fixed an issue were map J2's minimap had a transparent black background.
Also changed the name to KR_lemoncuppack, so my filename follows the guidelines KR_lemoncuppack is what it is changed to.

24/7/2020: Beta 1.10
Changes: Made Forest speedway darker to match rainy whether, changed the minimap to include expanded parts, new shortcut that used to be a cheese in the original version and also added barriers so you don't fly of the sides. Made the water that you drive over in valcanic island have depth and made the death pit beside that not take as long to fall.

25/7/2020: Beta 1.11
Changes: Changed the staircase in valcanic island to a ramp and removed the weird wall and replaced it with a ramp. Added some more barriers on forest speedway to avoid people cheesing the map.
Fixes: Fixed music credits not showing up on forest speedway

28/7/2020: Beta 1.2
Changes: added puddles in forest speedway, sideline watching toads in forest speedway, took out boosts and springs on the shortcut in forest speedway so it isn't as op anymore and added brackets for player starts in forest speedway.


12/8/2020: Full release 1.00
Added new battle map! Monokuma Forest!

28/8/2020: full release 1.01
FIXED PLACEMENT ISSUES IN FOREST SPEEDWAY. You should no longer be in first but it says your in last.

30/8/2020: Full release 1.02
Hehe cheeky update but I added a proper skybox for monokuma forest and forest speedway and since valcanic island is gonna get removed, I didn't do it for that map.
For monokuma forest I added bush textures to signify the barier and in forest speedway I alligned some textures. Now the music files were very large soooo (the music took up about 16mb of teh whole original 20mb) so I made it smaller, now the whole thing is 2.457mb.

31/8/2020: Full release 1.10
Fixed minimap in monokuma forest and added stuff in Forest speedway, you'll have to find out for yourself.
Also ik some people didn't like the large shortcut and the springs so I got rid of the springs and lowered the angle of the ramp so enjoy that.

Skipped for reasons

4/9/2020: Full release 1.30
Improved Forest speedway. Added shortcut(somewhere).
Monokuma Forest now has proper combatibiltiy with Open-gl, as there were random unloading of every sprite sometimes on that track. Removed Valcanic Island and the name for the replacement is revealed below in the image area (image not revealed)

24/9/2021: Full release 1.40
Tried to fix some issues with forest speedway that teleported people who were in second place in a somewhat full lobby to a random tree in the map. Also CHanged up some things decreased the amount of trees to improve performance on lower end computer that have really bad graphics cards or integrated graphics who are using birdhouse to get 60fps(especially since I have a gt 710 and when using BirdHouse. to get higher fps barelyeven get 60 on most maps).



Glowing Sea
Image not found (coming soon)

Forest speedway

Battle maps:

Monokuma Forest


Plans for the future

I am making a replacement for Valcanic Island and making another map aswell. Ill catch up with the battles maps in version 2.2. I am reducing the amount of monokumas in the battlel map. There will be music changes to make the file size smaller so it isn't as much when the 2 new race maps in 2.0 are added.
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