Jupirnier's Hangout Maps

Jupirnier's Hangout Maps v1.3, DLC v1.0

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Welcome to my map pack!


As the name of the mod says, it is a hangout map pack of mine. If you've been on hangout servers such as Spectrum's or Mari0shi's you've probably seen these levels, but those who didn't, here they are:

-- Welistation --

A space station floating above the Earth, owned by a rabbit girl. It has bunch of rooms, doors, buttons, etc. You can still encounter dangerous obstacles such as lava, though, so be careful!

-- Green Valley --

Verdant Archipelago, it contains six islands: three big ones, and three small ones. It's a lot more open than Welistation, thus contains more springs, slopes, and other stuff.


It even has its own time system! Just wait for a while, and you'll see.

though, the actual time lua breaks it so lmao

-- Snow Town --

A small snowy town, located on an equally snowy island. It has everything a real town may have: road, playground, houses, store, etc.

And now an important note: you can travel between these levels by finding the exits. So.. enjoy your exploration, I guess!

Also, if you explore some levels enough, you may possibly find...


..three more levels?

And now, have you ever wanted to see how old versions of those maps looked (or, if you've seen them already, remember how they looked)? There's a separate level pack for that, too!



All the maps shown in this collection are, obviously, old versions of the main maps (excluding sub-levels). Some of them received few small QoL changes, so they might look a little bit different from the original maps.


...and even some kinda obscure stuff, too.


also yeah those maps are bad, i know

Jupirnier (me) - (almost) everything in this map pack.
Music and some sounds from different sources - self-explanatory.
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  1. Version 1.3 - A not-so-small patch, and a surprise...

    I think I should stop calling sub-levels secret maps at this point. Anyway, the changes: -...
  2. Small patch

    Nothing much is changed, besides the fact that scaled objects now have scaled hitboxes (due to...
  3. Quick fix (v2)

    Fixed two things somewhere that I did not playtest properly.

Latest reviews

i love it! especially that one m҈̨̖͔҇͐̈́͛̒̎̽̿ą̷͙̳̪͙̱͕҇̎̆̊̃͆̚p̵̢̛̘͉̄̌
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A really fun set of maps to explore. Tons of little things to find and explore, and I really enjoyed the creativity.

I will say, however, that they fall into the same pitfall a lot of beginner level-designs do, will lots of boxy, empty, corridors that can be poorly sized. They were hardly an issue except for Welistation, which was a bit labyrinthine with all of its corridors. Lots a secrets, but lots of back-tracking as well. Some more interconnecting paths would have been greatly appreciated.

My recommendation if you ever want to redesign the maps is to take the time to draw out your ideas on paper or even a in simple drawing program. It'll let you come up with a rough idea of what you want to make as well as catch a lot of simple design flaws early in development. This will save you a lot of time from testing and editing it in the map maker.

Overall, I enjoyed my time with your maps. Hope to see what else you can make.
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They seem to be amazing, even though I see them before. It's great to see them revamped, maybe some atleast, but fun to play anyway!
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this is a great map pack! i like it!
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These maps are really cool from what I've checked out, great job! My only complaint probably is that Green Valley is a bit too linear, so it's not that easy to travel from one part of the map to another.
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