[Open Assets] Jerma985 v1.16

The definitely bonus and not programming bug of every character saying "Loot Get!" has been removed. Jerma will still say the line if you play as him.
So in the new update, Jerma says "Loot Get!" whenever he gets a shield or ring monitor, right? Well it turns out that happens for not just Jerma, but ALL characters. Consider this a coding oversight bonus!
Hi! It's been a while, but I finally sat down and learned some basic Lua, but don't get your hopes up, as I didn't add any new abilities or anything. But I did add Jerma saying "Loot Get!" every time you get a shield or ring monitor. Yes, it will probably get annoying, but I dunno, it's kinda funny. So for the few of you out there who still care about this mod, enjoy(?) the new update, and don't forget...

Sparkle on! It's Wednesday! Don't forget to be yourself!
Jerma can now support player colors.
Changed Jerma's height to 60, because he cannot get through Egg Rock Act 1 if he's tall.
Changed Jerma's height to 84.