[Reusable] Jerma985 v1.16

LOL! i watch jerma videos at home and he is really funny, so it is really funny to see him in srb2 too. thanks for the laughs!
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even if this character is basically just amy, it’s clearly had some good effort put into it.
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This character is full of wasted potential. Let me explain: First, the idea of having Jerma as a character would have worked if he was mostly a zoner who attacks from afar thanks to his baseball bat (similarly to Fang).
Second, the elephant in the room, i.e., its size; it would be better if it was the same size (or maybe bigger) than the vanilla cast, so that it doesn't get stuck at various points in the stages.

Finally, the last thing I have to say is that the choice of the Green Screen is decent, but it could be improved in many ways.
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love this mod, genuinely, its been really fun with friends
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i'm not a jerma fan (not that i don't like him, i've just only seen like three clips overall) but even i get a kick out of this lmao

i respect the effort though, you got a surprisingly large amount of use out of the limited frames you had! anyway it gets a funny/5 well done
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It's clearly a joke character so i'll give 2 stars but..

Jerma985 my beloved.
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Very basic character mod, movement wise. It's not April yet.
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