Hyper Sonic's Directional Dash

[Reusable] Hyper Sonic's Directional Dash 2.2

-Added Super Emerald sprites




Not quite happy with how the tiny super emeralds came out, but whadygunnado

-Replaced P_RadiusAttack with P_NukeEnemies
-Removed P_StartQuake, I honestly think it was redundant
-Changed "allsuperemeralds" console command's name to "getallsuperemeralds" aswell as a bunch of tweaks, including no functionality in multiplayer
-Tokens now spawn Super Emeralds on touch
-The Super Emeralds are now a global variable
-Collecting a super emerald robs you of your ability to turn super, as intended
-fixed the allsuperemeralds console command making it impossible for you to collect the super emeralds without using the command
-Turning Hyper now requires the player to collect seven more emerald tokens after getting all seven chaos emeralds
-Added console command "allsuperemeralds" for cheaters, off by default (duh)
-Sonic's color can be adjusted via console command "hyperskincolor"
-The hyper stars can be turned off with another new console command "hyperstars", they're on by defualt
-The after images can be colorized using the console command "colorizedghost"
-You can now disable screenflashing with yet another console command, named "screenflash"
-P_Earthquake was removed
-Sonic now has stars spawn around him


-The Hyper Dash in 2D actually works as intended; Functions exactly like how S3&K's did
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-Hyper Sonic's colors are more in line with S3&K


-Afterimages are now colorized
-Hyper Sonic's acceleration was slightly buffed
-Fixed afterimages appearing during the transformation (I think lmfao)
-Upward dashing was lowered from 25 FRACUNITS to 20 FRACUNITS