Hyper Sonic's Directional Dash

[Reusable] Hyper Sonic's Directional Dash 2.2

type "screenflash 0" or "screenflash off" in the console to turn off the screen flashing

For starters, as Sonic, collect 7 more emerald tokens after collecting all of the chaos emeralds to turn Hyper. This robs you of going super (duh).

I also left in a double ring drain! You're welcome :)


I added the double-ring drain to make keeping your Hyper Form a little more difficult and for the sake of balancing (Even though Super/Hypers form's sole purpose is to be OP)

It functions similarly to Shadow's Chaos Snap. Holding forward makes you dash forward, holding left or right makes you dash in whichever direction, holding spin makes you dash downward, and finally, no input makes you dash upward. (only in v1.2 and later) In 2D, it works exactly as it did in S3&K


The only thing that's missing is dashing backward. I didn't add this because, well...


The camera doesn't really agree with it lol

The way I see it, getting an attraction shield was just BARELY enough to keep a consistent ring count with the double-ring drain.


oh and he can't drown now, woohoo


Known Issues:
  • Dashing downward is pretty much impossible if you aren't standing still due to Sonic's float ability.
  • You can't even dash sideways with directionchar off.
Soon to come:
  • A much weaker version of the Hyper Dash for just Super Sonic with none of the screen nuke shenanigans.
  • Cleaning up a lot of the code.
  • Having a smoothed-out skincolor in courtesy of Sonic 3 A.I.R.
  • Special Stages for the Super Emeralds.
Hyper Form Code by Frostiikin, I borrowed some of XMomentum's Hyper code.
Hyper Dash Code by me.
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A pretty good spin on the Hyper Dash. Competently made and fun to use. Also the Super Emerald mechanic is pretty neat.

All emeralds collected, twice over. Give it a shot :)
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Amazing replication of the Hyper Dash in SRB2! I say it feels really authentic and official!
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Welcome to releases!
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