[Open Assets] HOSTMOD 18

  • Fixed delay thresholds in hm_scoreboard to match the values used by base game's showping.
  • Added hm_specbomb_antisoftlock. Previously, enabling hm_specbomb would silently enable a softlock-protection mechanism, intended to guarantee that games would end even if other mods didn't correctly handle no-contest / finish conditions. This wasn't previously disclosed, went against host expectations, and could interfere with other mods that need to control exit conditions (like intermission/vote replacements), so it's been moved into its own toggle.
  • Added hm_veto and its related configuration flags. Inspired by Halo lobbies, this allows players to majority-vote on choosing a different map: the new map must be completed before another veto is offered. This is intended to be a replacement for RTV, exitlevel votes, or the vote screen in general: I use it with "advancemap Random" to keep sessions moving quicker. Supports configurable Map Hell odds.
  • Fixed a longstanding issue where entries in the Mods section of hm_scoreboard could be duplicated for remote joiners.
  • If an hm_vote votekick is in progress, the player being targeted will not see the vote: instead, they will invisibly and automatically vote No.
  • New joiners cannot use the vote command for 30 seconds.
  • Removed ministats: the FPS counter has been broken since the addition of interpolation in the base game, and tic-delay display is now an official option through the base-game pingmeasurement cvar.
  • Fixed a longstanding issue where hm_scoreboard displayed all players with "blue bar" connections regardless of their real connection quality or ping.
Some small personal additions and one bugfix. No new modules.

- If you view the HOSTMOD scoreboard as an admin, it now shows players' node numbers next to their names, for easier kicks/bans and easily identifying splitscreen parties.
- The ministats display is now significantly more compact, and no longer shows ping (since ping is just an indirect way of showing tic-delay anyway). The display will become slightly brighter when you're below your framerate cap—35 on vanilla, read from the relevant cvar on community builds with interpolation.
- New player-facing cvar showallstats. When On and hm_scoreboard is on, shows the stats of every character in the game, not just the ones using Restat; Restat stats will be highlighted in yellow. Let me know you think if this should be the default—I think it's cluttered but have heard people ask for this.
- Fixed an issue where certain characters with unusual skin definitions would cause randomskin / ironman to fail. GLHF Trail.
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Small release.
  • ministats is a new player-facing command that displays a compact FPS/ping/delay-in-tics display.
  • Some internal autoaccel changes for compatibility with the upcoming Juicebox.
(You definitely didn't see me accidentally upload HORNMOD stuff here.)


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