• HORNMOD is now Reusable. I've been away from v1 dev for a long time, so if you need to hack around with my nightmare project, be my guest.
  • Fixed shutup not working when horn_explode was on. I think i was notified of this, like, 6 different times and managed to have a stroke when looking at the relevant code every single time.
This is a complete rewrite of the addon, since it was the first script I'd ever written for this game and was actually kind of a disaster mess internally.

  • 100+ new horns.
  • Significantly better performance. Low-end rigs should struggle less on populated (and loud) servers.
  • Minor visual tweaks. Try a hellhorn!
  • Removed many redundant commands and cvars.
  • The new horn_preferexpansions cvar prevents the base 300-ish horns from being randomly selected, but still allows them to be manually picked. Good for themed servers.
  • New antispam system gradually muffles players who lean on the horn. The old, explosive system is still available with horn_explode On.
  • Favored horns have been reworked: they now have their own command, and accept single horns as well as ranges (e.g. favehorn 68 70 418-422). When you don't have a horn explicitly selected, random-select will pick only your favored horns.
  • horn_unleashhell can, uh, actually be turned off. And doesn't freak out if you turn it on multiple times. Oops.
  • HORNMOD_Horns() and HORNMOD_HellHorns() getters for use in companion scripts. Eat your heart out, Eldog.
  • Nerfed square wave, again.
  • Cool!
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