HorizonChars v1.1.1 - Sharper & Slicker


Changelog -
- Fixed Milne not being able to bust floors underwater

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Milne Character Select.png

Here she is.​
While Milne's new moveset isn't quite done yet, (nor is Iclyn's moveset or even Randellia as a whole,) I was kind of tired of holding onto these sprites. So here you are! New but not new Milne...!! Hope you enjoy??

Changelog -
- Completely overhauled Milne's sprites
- Milne's Twister Thok is now dynamic to analog input
- Monitor code no longer conflicts with other mods

there's no musical please don't sue me

Iclyn the Ice Skater!
Iclyn CSS Redo.png

Iclyn skates in with her ice powers which allow her to go at crazy speeds! Just don't screw up..

Skate - Primary Ability, Movement Keys


Tap any direction to skate forwards, and keep tapping to speed up more. Careful not to slip up!
You can also press Custom 1 to toggle your skates for easier platforming.

Twistdash - Primary Ability, Spin

Press and hold Spin to twirl around like a top to change direction and bounce off of walls. If you let go, you'll get a boost of speed!

Slipslide - Secondary Ability, Double Jump

With a running start, Dirk can travel through the air using ice surf for 6 se... Wrong character. Double jump to attempt to surf on ice for a few seconds before you inevitably screw up!

LonelyFoxz, HattyBoyo, Lightdasher - Sprites
RazeC - Sounds
SMS Alfredo, DreamiSkies, Frostiikin - Coders
The Adventurer's Guild - Beta Testers