So in 2.1 someone made this, and I never used it. I've introduced a bunch of new friends to srb2 recently and decided that this would help improve their gameplay as Tails, as this is the "adventure style" of flight.

I rebuilt the thing on my own accord, after a 4 year break from coding lua for this game. Had to scour the wiki but got it working in the end!

You can toggle it in the console using the command "holdfly", per player, which takes the arguments "0", "1", "on", "off", "true", "false", "yes" and "no", and it's not case sensitive.

You can also just toggle it by typing it once.

I have 1 gif because I don't really know how to demo such a simple thing. I feel like having a setting/toggle for it was probably necessary (?) as some people may not prefer using hold fly. It can be kinda broken with how flight physics work, but overall makes the game easier, especially for new players.

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I mean, its easier for your fingers what can I say.
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