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Heavy Corks 1.1 (Free-Aim Fang)

Heavy Corks

This mod essentially reworks how Fang's ability works:
Instead of using SPIN to shoot at the closest shootable, or weakly straight away at nothing, this allows Fang to use TOSS RING to shoot corks.
Just pick any direction and Fang will shoot at full force towards that direction!
Not only that, but you can shoot in mid-air and without a cooldown!

However, this also adds the concept of ammo, not to mention you lose the ability to home into enemies...
Also Fang can throw bombs now.


TOSS RING shoots corks.
Holding SPIN will allow you to "charge" a bomb. Tapping it will drop the bomb at your feet, while holding it for half a second and then releasing will throw it forwards. It goes even further the faster you are moving!

You start Co-op (or Singleplayer) with 2 corks and 1 bomb. Collect more corks and bombs by destroying enemies and monitors.
Monitors yield double the loot, while 1-up monitors multiply it eightfold!

After shooting them, corks are dropped in place and you can pick them back up.

Bombs aren't powerful enough to destroy things in their vicinity, but they pack such a punch that things around it are sent flying, including yourself!
Cracked walls might get destroyed, though...

Competitive gametypes multiply even more the amount of potential ammo gained by breaking boxes.

Variables and commands:

hc_infiniteammo <on|off>:
Default: Off
Toggles infinite ammo.
Useful if you want to free-aim without limitations lol

hc_cork|hc_bomb|hc_void <int>:
Defaults: 5, 3, 9
Sets the chances for this pickup to appear when the script tries to spawn a pickup. Void means "no pickup".
For example, the default values indicate that if you rolled a random number between 1 and 5+3+9 (17), there's a 9/17 chance you'd get nothing.

hc_hyperbombs <0|1|2>:
Default: 0 (JustBreakables)
Changes what kind of FOFs can the bomb destroy.
Setting 0 (JustBreakables) only destroys bustable FOFs.
Setting 1 (BreakAllSolids) allows the bomb to destroy any solid FOF.
Setting 2 (BreakAllFOFs) allows the bomb to destroy even intangible FOFs! Careful, this may cause massive lag.

hc_fullauto <on|off>:
Default: Off
Toggles whether Fang can shoot corks by just holding the fire button.

setammoall <corks> <bombs>:
Sets everyone's amount of ammo of each kind.

Inspired by Heavy Bullets and wanting to shoot at any direction.
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