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Welcome to my character pack! This was originally characters just from the Zelda series, but now it has some gals from the Mario series, thus making it a general pack!

There's 4 downloads to choose from: all of the characters in one, just the Zelda characters, just the two Mario ladies, or a zip file to pick certain ones you want.

More character details are in the spoilers below.

Young Link

Weight 3 | Speed 3
Young Link is lightweight and not very speedy. But he'll still cut those corners nicely.


Weight 7 | Speed 4
Adult Link's a lot heftier and has a bit more speed, but not by much.

Princess Zelda

Weight 5 | Speed 1
This lovely princess may be the slowest, but she can recover from incidents better than the rest of this cast.


Weight 8 | Speed 8
Somehow squeezing his giant self into a tiny kart, the King of Evil's supreme weight and speed's going to make him the bully of the races!

Princess Peach

Speed 4 | Weight 5
The Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom is great for if you want a balanced character, being just slightly slower than average but having better acceleration.
(Her stats are based off of Strife's Princess Peach)


Speed 7 | Weight 7
The watcher of the Stars speeds ahead with her cosmic powers! And her tall frame makes it hard to push her aside.
(Her stats are based off of PsychoJosh's Rosalina)

Voice clips for Young Link are from Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, Hyrule Warriors & Super Smash bros. Ultimate.
Adult Link's voice clips are from Ocarina of Time & Super Smash bros. Melee.
Zelda's Voice clips are from Super Smash bros. Melee.
Ganondorf's voice clips are from Super Smash bros. Melee.
Peach's voice clips are from Mario Kart Wii.
Rosalina's voice clips are from Mario Kart Wii.​
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