GG73 Pack

[Character] GG73 Pack 3.0

Both Adult Link & Young Link From Ocarina of Time (and Majora's Mask) take the wheel and join the races!
V2 Update: Now with Princess Zelda and Ganondorf!

Young Link
Young Link is lightweight and not very speedy with a weight of 3 and speed of 3. But he'll still cut those corners nicely.

Adult Link's a bit heftier and has a bit more speed, but not by much with a weight of 7 and speed of 4.

The lovely princess may be the slowest, but with a weight of 5 and speed of 1 she can recover from incidents better than the rest of this cast.

Somehow squeezing his giant self into a tiny kart, the King of Evil's weight of 8 and speed of 8's going to make him the bully of the races!

v2: Added Princess Zelda and Ganondorf.
v1.1: Changed Adult Link's name to Link.
v1: Initial release.

Voice clips for Young Link are from Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, Hyrule Warriors & Super Smash bros. Ultimate.
Adult Link's voice clips are from Ocarina of Time & Super Smash bros. Melee.
Zelda's Voice clips are from Super Smash bros. Melee.
Ganondorf's voice clips are from Super Smash bros. Melee.


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Thank you very much Superjustinbros! Glad you like them!

V2 was just uploaded. Now we have Princess Zelda and Ganondorf!


I am slightly annoyed (in the playful competitive way) that ya managed to beat me to the punch before I finish my HiDef HW Ganondorf, sad I can't be the first, but it's good to see a Ganondorf and Zelda especially looks fantastic.
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This is pretty good, the sprites look nice, and the fact that Zelda and Ganon are here make it even better! Though, I wish Young Zelda made it to the pack too. Still great nonetheless!
GamingGirl73 updated GG73 Pack with a new update entry:

Princess Peach & Rosalina added!

Added 2 new characters: Princess Peach and Rosalina!

Changes to Young Link and Link
⦁ Updated both colour palettes and shading so they look nicer in game.
⦁ Their caps have a bit more movement when tilting.
⦁ Their victory pictures have been expanded and go outside of the sign.

Changes to Ganondorf
⦁ Made the outline of his boots softer so they don't stick out like a pair of sore thumbs.

Read the rest of this update entry...

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