fznmeatpopsicle's SRB2 Model Pack - Now with Kazuma Kiryu!

fznmeatpopsicle's SRB2 Model Pack - Now with Kazuma Kiryu! 2.1

New model added: Junio/CD Metal Sonic!

Modeled using the Junio(?)/CD Model sheets. Compatible with Metal Overdrive.


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Forgot interpolation flags. Whoops.
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Accidentally missed the Nights hurt/stun animation in the bonus model. Updated to add it in.
Added a bonus version of the model that can replace the model for the default Sonic character. Has all the Super animations, etc.

Super animations have not been added to the version for the Junio Sonic mod, as the mod doesn't contain Super animations, except the Super Dash.

Also tweaked walk animation slightly.


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- Tweaked walk animation to work better with interpolation modes, but also ended up polishing it up a bit more as well.

- Improved transform animation. Didn't like the jarring transition between ball and Sonic, despite it being accurate to original mod sprites.

- Flagged most animations for interpolation "sometimes". "Always" is not recommended as DASH and SPIN do not work well(and never will).

- Tweaked texture slightly to remove artifacts when using nearest_linear and nearest_mipmap texture filters.
Fixed a minor error that broke the life icon for the monitor. Also added the icon to the blend texture.