Freeze Tag

[Reusable] Freeze Tag v4.0

Back from SRB2 2.1, it's Freeze Tag! I ported it over and managed to polish up a brand new release.

How it works:
Players are automatically assigned Taggers and Runners.
Taggers win if they freeze everyone by touch.
Runners win if they survive before the end of the round. They can also unfreeze teammates to keep themselves alive.
You need rings (labelled power) to tag by default, which also gives you a passive speed boost. Special abilities are also available with high power to help you turn the tide!

(Coming Soon-ish)

- Code overhauled and ported to work in srb2 v2.2!
- Gamemode now uses a new custom gamemode instead of replacing deathmatch/tag.
- Added a boatload of CVars. See the full list with FT_HELP.
- Tagger assignment is dynamic by default.
- Other HUD adjustments to increase readability.
- Welcome screen implemented.
- Tooltips system.
- HUD's header now has information on player statuses.
- Player's base speed is now slightly slower.
- Sonic's super jump returns!
- Removed old abilities.
- Added an ability to get armageddon shield.
- Flight/Glide Abilities now have speed scaling with rings.
- CTF Monitors are now breakable by all.
- Scoot ability for frozen players.
- Added invulnerability period for unfrozen players.
- Suicide exploit fixed, now replaced by a respawn ability.
- Fixed oversight with frozen unfreezing other frozen players.
- Many other changes I couldn't list.

- Respawn ability will likely cause you to resynch. I don't know a good fix for that, but everything else should be stable!
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Latest reviews

I'm so happy to see freezetag back it was one of my favorite custom gametype back in 2.1 that wasn't entirely based of ringslinger

The good stuffs.

1. You pretty much have to rely on movement to actually freeze people or run away of the freezers and when you are frozen people get to come at you to unfreezes.

2. I like the idea of using rings to increases your speed so that you won't get catch in the first seconds of the game, when you are a freezer you can froze people but if you go too near of them (camping) you actually give them rings so you can't really camp it very near of them.

3. The radar is useful since you can search the people without knowing much the map this is great for those who never played the map before.

My nitpicks and stuff that i personally don't like.

1. Some maps have places that characters like Tails can just fly on it and then another character trying to get on that place that not alot of characters can reach that "Tails" that was standing on that high place while the other one was trying to get him could easily just spindash and wait until once he sees the IT that try to get the non-IT, the non-IT can easily just get out of there, It's more a problem of the map itself since they are meant for ringslinger but there is a radar so there people can just track them.

2. There isn't really a list of command on the thread.

3. It would be nice to actually have a command to disable auto IT balance or autobalance but other than that its not a really bothering issue.

4. The 100 rings feature was kept so when you are frozen but you have 100 rings you can just use it to unfreeze yourself without having to wait people to unfreeze you

Lastly this is a very minor issue but the radar doesnt change position while on first person view but i believe this has to be a hardcoded thing.

Otherwise this isnt an accurate port but i do like the new changes
and dislike some of them.
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Welcome to releases!
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