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[Open Assets] FlowAbilities v5

This is my fav ability mod 😊
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Pretty fun! Makes the characters feel more powerful
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pretty good mod that makes every character feel good to play, but i do have a bit of a problem that prevents this from being a perfect 5-star
the momentum system
due to how it's made, the momentum system sorta bugs out at higher speeds and feels just rigid and clunky because you seem to abruptly slow down and then get back to your current speed constantly?
but apart from that, good mod
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This makes the game a bit more fun, and adds a step to getting the most out of vanilla Sonic.

(Also the Zero-In Homing Attack is a "CA_HOMINGTHOK" in it's own sense)
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this is the funest version of fang I've played and non spin characters having access to there abilities off of springs and falls just make to much sense
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Highly disagree with trystan and trevor. These are all pretty fun, and give the game a lot more well... flow. I especially like the way knuckle's glide boost thing works, it allows him to actually get moving pretty quickly without abusing spinglide.
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