Extra Monitors! - MonitorsPlus

Extra Monitors! - MonitorsPlus v3.1

Version 3.1 Changelog

*Added the MonitorsPlus options menu!
Hosts of servers and promoted players can now access the MonitorsPlus menu by typing mp_menu in the console, the menu features the ability to edit monitor odds or simply disable them and prevent them from appearing entirely by setting their odd values all to 0, check out the Commands Section where I explain the Strong/Weak/Random values for the odds. You can also spawn the monitor on yourself, everyone or a specific player. The menu also features a way to export your own monitor odd settings in the luafiles folder, simply type in the console "exec mp_config_export" to load up your own custom odds when you next launch the game. Don't like the random monitors? Want the vanilla way back? With the menu you can now do just that in options and enable "Vanilla Spawn Method"

*Reintroduced Grabbag
Grabbag is back and can be accessed from the menu under options, to use the Grabbag simply press your Custom Action 3 button (I bound it to G myself). The Grabbag pool is entirely random and doesn't rely on the monitor odds, however you can prevent a monitor from showing up in the Grabbag by setting it's odds to 0 in the menu but that will also prevent it from spawning in the monitors themselves.

*Fixed Heavy Gravity and Low Gravity in water and goop
Players will no longer get stuck in water and goop while Heavy Gravity is active and with Low Gravity players will no longer fly out of goop or water.

*Fixed Earth Shield in goop
Players will no longer get stuck in goop when they use the Earth Shield's ability in it

*Replaced the Eclipse Monitor with the Dark Hour Monitor
The Eclipse Monitor has been reworked into the Dark Hour Monitor making your game much more interesting and eerie.

*Added the Fiber Lost and Vikk Monitors
Originally planned for the v3.0 release but was pushed back, finally we get the full v3.0 experience!
Check out what they do under the Monitor List section.

*Fixed Shield Scaling
We were aware that Shield Scaling was broken with the v3.0 release but we are happy to report that it has been addressed!

*Added a jingle for the Firerate Monitor
Finally the Firerate Monitor now has it's own jingle making it more consistent with the likes of the Jump Height Monitor.

*Crumble/Pancake/Expand/Goop and Juggernaut Drive can no longer appear in CO-OP or Competition
During our tests we noticed that having these monitors appear in CO-OP/Competition would render the level broken and unbeatable so now they no longer appear while in these game modes.

*The Grow Monitor has been reworked
The Grow monitor has been reworked so now the player will now only receive knockback and won't lose rings or weapons.

*Fixed many bugs that was plaguing v3.0
MonitorsPlus v3.1 should be more stable now!​
Version 3.0.1 Changelog

Day 1 Patch

Bug Fixes:

Metal Sonic can't use the hyper flash anymore. (It was broken)
*The skin checks for hyper are simplified now, though. (Every Sonic can't use the hyper flash)
*Grow, Shrink and Juggernaut Drive now correctly save scale at checkpoints.
*Pizza is slightly more aggressive and Mason cares a bit more about your fitness.​
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