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MonitorsPlus is a project that Snu, Lat', Spectorious and myself have been working on. We would mention what monitors the addon adds but we feel that it would be better if everyone is surprised, if you really don't want to be surprised there will be a monitor list lower down in the thread. The name of the addon is pretty self explanatory, as of version 3.0 the addon now adds a total of 50!!! new monitors to the game. (A few you might recognise)

We will be updating MP to add new monitors too, if anyone has any ideas for certain monitors that they would like to see (nothing that will break the game) then leave a comment.

As mentioned above the addon adds a total of 50 new monitors.

Some cool:

Some deadly:

Some wacky:

Some handy:

And some that will make you question reality:

Ten of the monitors are brand new shields. One from Roasted Ravine and one monitor from SRB2's past. The monitors spawn naturally in random monitors throughout the game, however some are rarer than others.

Version 1.0 Monitors

#1 The Hyper Monitor:

Turns you Hyper. You're faster, stronger, and take no damage from regular sources, but the Ring drain is twice as bad!

#2 The Rocket Chair Monitor:
Someone planted a jet engine under your seat. Control the chair and try to bring someone else down with you!

#3 The Cactus Shield:
Coats you with spikes, granting you immunity to spike damage and hurting players on contact.
Jump and press spin to unleash a small ranged attack all around you.

#4 The End the World Monitor:
This monitor just ends the world. Not one of you's going to survive this!

#5 The Random Hit Monitor:
Hits a Player at random... may or may not include yourself.

#6 The Kinetic Shield:
Jump and press spin to save your momentum, use the ability again to overwrite your current momentum with what you saved!
Exceptionally, can also be used off of springs.

#7 The Silver Ring Monitor:
The returning monitor from SRB2 v1.09.4, it gives you 25 rings.

#8 The Earthquake Monitor:
Causes a map-wide earthquake 1 second after being popped, damaging all players. Can be avoided by being airborne as the effect occurs.

#9 The Super Monitor:
Turns you Super. You lose 10 rings if you take damage, so be careful!

#10 The Drop Monitor:
Causes you to lose all your Weapon Ring ammo unless you have a Super/Hyper Form

#11 The Shrink Monitor:
Shrinks everyone besides the person who popped the monitor. ...May have an adverse effect.

#12 The Supply Monitor:
Grants you max ammo on every Weapon Ring.

#13 The Grow Monitor:
Makes you grow in size for a while. Your projectiles are bigger but so is your hitbox, so be careful! ...May also have an adverse effect.

#14 The Invisible Monitor:
Makes you invisible for a while. You aren't invincible though, so be careful not to give your position away with abilities.

#15 The Poison Shield:
Coats you in poison and leave a noxious trail as you run. Press spin after jumping to splash poison all around yourself.
Players who make contact with you or your trail will be poisoned for a while, losing Rings over time and granting you points.
The shield dissipates underwater.

#16 The ESP Shield:
Coats you in a psychic field. Press spin after jumping to repel enemies, players and projectiles alike.
If you're hit by a projectile, it will be reflected. And yes, this applies to Rail Rings...

#17 The Jump Height Monitor:
Drastically increases your jump height for a while, pretend you're an astronaut as you reach new heights!

#18 The Ice Shield:
Coats you in frost. Press Spin after jumping to unleash an icy tornado, freezing players on contact.
The shield reduces your friction so everything is more slippery.

#19 Combine Ring Monitor:
When in effect, causes you to lose a single giant ring containing all your rings instead of a limited amount of singular rings.
...Just make sure the enemy isn't the one picking it back up.

#20 Hyper Combine Ring Monitor:
When in effect, causes you to lose several big rings each containing a portion of your rings instead of a limited amount of singular rings.
...Again, don't let other people pick them up, dunce...

#21 Reset Score Monitor:
Sets your score back to 0! ...Might be kind and not do that if you bring us some cookies though.

#22 Fire Rate Monitor:
Removes all restrictions on fire rate for a while, turning you into an absolute monster!

#23 Bean Monitor:
O-oh yes!

#24 Platinum Ring Monitor:
Instantly grants you 50 Rings.

Version 2.0 Monitors

#25 Thunder Shield Monitor:

Coats you in an electrical field.
Press Spin after jumping to unleash an electric attack on the ground below you. The higher you are, the larger the attack is.
Grants immunity to all electric damage, but dissipates underwater.

#26 Bumper Shield Monitor:
Coats you in... gambling addiction, I guess?
Press Spin after jumping to invert your vertical momentum, turning sheer drops into a rocket boost!
You will also bounce off of walls, other players, and monitors. So be careful!

#27 Pizza Monitor:
Orders a random player a delicious, and quite aggressive, Pizza.

#28 Over Booster Monitor:
Begins an overcharge sequence over the span of 15 seconds, allowing you to unleash a devastating explosion around you, hurting or killing players outright if you're also Super or Hyper!
...The charge will be completely lost if you get hit, so make sure to steer clear of danger!

#29 Titanium Shield Monitor:
Coats you in 4 heavy titanium layers, hindering your movement greatly in exchange for knockback immunity and complete immunity to Automatic and Rail Rings as well as other weak projectiles.
Press Spin after Jumping to intentionally remove a layer

#30 Web Shield Monitor:
Coats you in a spider string.
Press Spin in mid air to swing a thread. If you hit a surface, you can swing around like Spider-Man, even!
The shield dissipates underwater.

#31 Earth Shield Monitor:
Coats you in... ground?
Press Spin after jumping to begin digging underground, making you invulnerable to most damage effects. Release or wait a while to come back up and attack anything above you as you do.

#32 Crumble Monitor:
Causes floating platforms to crumble for a short while. ...Be careful what you go under of!

#33 Pancake Monitor:
Through the power of Goro Pankechi, flattens the map vertically for a while.

#34 Expand Monitor:
Vertically expands the map for a while.

#35 Sentry Monitor:
Press Fire Ring to build a Sentry Gun, targetting nearby enemy players and other enemies.
The Sentry Gun will remain until either its HP or ammo are depleted.
You can have up to 2 Sentries at any given time, with new ones overwriting the oldest one.

#36 Goop Monitor:
Turns water into Techno Hill goop for a while...
...Depending on the locale, it's either useless or incredibly deadly!

#37 Dark Hour Monitor:
Temporarily starts the dark hour, darkening the entire map for a while...
Depending on your situation, it could either be a blessing or a curse.

#38 Turbo Monitor:
We're not gonna make it, let's speed up!
Be auto-thrusted at lightspeed for a short while, leaving a damaging flame trail in your wake!

#39 Megidolaon Monitor:
Megidolaon for everyone!
Casts the Almigthty Skill "Megidolaon", dealing severe Almighty damage to every enemy player!
Usually impossible to survive, it's going to take the power of Chaos Emeralds to even remain standing...

#40 Heavy Gravity Monitor:
Drastically increases the gravity for 30 seconds.

#41 Low Gravity Monitor:
Lowers the gravity on everyone for 30 seconds.

#42 BATKAN!!! Monitor:
Through the blessing of our lord BATKAN!!!, gain God Mode for 20 seconds, allowing you to even walk on death pits!

#43 Fitness Monitor:
Clouds the vision of a player for a while, though the effect might vary...

#44 Blooper Monitor:
Spreads ink on every other player's screen, preventing them from seeing correctly for a while.

#45 Regeneration Monitor:
Continuously gain Rings for the duration of the effect. Persists even if you're damaged.

#46 Blue Shell Monitor:
Sends a Blue Shell after the player with the most points, which may or may not be yourself.
A warning will appear letting them know disaster is on its way. A skilful spindash might just allow you to evade damage.

Version 2.3 Monitors

#47 Hyper Sneakers Monitor:

Dramatically increases your top speed and ability speed for a while, matching the capabilities of a Hyper Form, leaving a flame trail in your wake

Version 2.5 Monitors

#48 Juggernaut Drive Monitor:

Build up power for a while, culminating in a damaging explosion similar to the Over Booster Monitor's, granting you the power of Juggernaut Drive.
Under the effect, you will lose Rings over time and be able to take damage similar to Super Forms. You will be killed if you run out of Rings.
You will also be granted a number of abilities such as hitscan exploding lasers, Divine Divide which reduces a player's capabilities to increase your own, as well as Over Booster's explosions on command!

After a while, you will be allowed to use the finishing move, Longinus Smasher which will allow you to safely end Juggernaut Drive.

Version 3.0 Monitors

#49 Fiber Lost Monitor:
Temporarily makes it so no one can get any rings (picking them up or from a monitor)
Can be a blessing or a curse depending on your situation...

#50 Vikk Monitor:
Vikk has made his appearance but it seems he is struggling after eating some spicey chicken wings.
He will temporarily appear on your screen from time to time for a second distracting you from any important platforming.

*mp_menu - brings up the menu for you to make MonitorsPlus your own fun experience

Monitor Odds
Setting these odds to 0 will disable the monitor and won't show up until enabled again

Vanilla MonitorsPlus:

Random: Affects all the random monitors on the map, you can pull any monitor from these depending on the odds you choose.

Vanilla Spawn Method Only:
Strong: The only monitor on the map where you can obtain things like Armageddon Shield and Invincibility.
Weak: The other monitors on the map where you can obtain Super Sneakers, Rings, Whirlwind Shield and the Elemental Shield.

Version 3.1 Changelog

*Added the MonitorsPlus options menu!
Hosts of servers and promoted players can now access the MonitorsPlus menu by typing mp_menu in the console, the menu features the ability to edit monitor odds or simply disable them and prevent them from appearing entirely by setting their odd values all to 0, check out the Commands Section where I explain the Strong/Weak/Random values for the odds. You can also spawn the monitor on yourself, everyone or a specific player. The menu also features a way to export your own monitor odd settings in the luafiles folder, simply type in the console "exec mp_config_export" to load up your own custom odds when you next launch the game. Don't like the random monitors? Want the vanilla way back? With the menu you can now do just that in options and enable "Vanilla Spawn Method"

*Reintroduced Grabbag
Grabbag is back and can be accessed from the menu under options, to use the Grabbag simply press your Custom Action 3 button (I bound it to G myself). The Grabbag pool is entirely random and doesn't rely on the monitor odds, however you can prevent a monitor from showing up in the Grabbag by setting it's odds to 0 in the menu but that will also prevent it from spawning in the monitors themselves.

*Fixed Heavy Gravity and Low Gravity in water and goop
Players will no longer get stuck in water and goop while Heavy Gravity is active and with Low Gravity players will no longer fly out of goop or water.

*Fixed Earth Shield in goop
Players will no longer get stuck in goop when they use the Earth Shield's ability in it

*Replaced the Eclipse Monitor with the Dark Hour Monitor
The Eclipse Monitor has been reworked into the Dark Hour Monitor making your game much more interesting and eerie.

*Added the Fiber Lost and Vikk Monitors
Originally planned for the v3.0 release but was pushed back, finally we get the full v3.0 experience!
Check out what they do under the Monitor List section.

*Fixed Shield Scaling
We were aware that Shield Scaling was broken with the v3.0 release but we are happy to report that it has been addressed!

*Added a jingle for the Firerate Monitor
Finally the Firerate Monitor now has it's own jingle making it more consistent with the likes of the Jump Height Monitor.

*Crumble/Pancake/Expand/Goop and Juggernaut Drive can no longer appear in CO-OP or Competition
During our tests we noticed that having these monitors appear in CO-OP/Competition would render the level broken and unbeatable so now they no longer appear while in these game modes.

*The Grow Monitor has been reworked
The Grow monitor has been reworked so now the player will now only receive knockback and won't lose rings or weapons.

*Fixed many bugs that was plaguing v3.0
MonitorsPlus v3.1 should be more stable now!

Day 1 Patch

Bug Fixes:

Metal Sonic can't use the hyper flash anymore. (It was broken)
*The skin checks for hyper are simplified now, though. (Every Sonic can't use the hyper flash)
*Grow, Shrink and Juggernaut Drive now correctly save scale at checkpoints.
*Pizza is slightly more aggressive and Mason cares a bit more about your fitness.

MonitorsPlus v3.0 may not be feature packed but there sure is a lot of changes!

Main Changes:

Rebuilt the code from the ground up! - MonitorsPlus v3.0 should now be more stable than it's predecessor (go away synch failures)
*Grab Bag has been removed - It will eventually return in some form
*Every monitor on the map is now randomised - You don't know what you will get!
*Hyper/Super forms are back in ringslinger game modes

Monitor Changes:

Hyper Monitor:

Now drains rings twice as fast compared to super.
*Hyper Sonic now has an omni-directional dash when doing a hyper flash.
*Tails' flickies have been temporarily removed.
*Now uses the hyper colours included in 2.2.
*New music has been added.

Insta-Kill Monitor:
Replaced with the Rocket Chair monitor.

Cactus Shield:
Shield ability now becomes available the moment you land instead of waiting for a cooldown.
*Damage range for the shield ability has been slightly reduced.

End Of The World Monitor:
All items now burst from players on death.

Anti-Matter Shield:
The Anti-Matter shield has exploded and the factory where it's made has been destroyed so a new and improved shield has taken it's place in the form of the Kinetic Shield. Save your momentum with just a single click!

Earthquake Monitor:
Now has a reactable startup period instead of being instantaneous.

Lightning Monitor:
*Rebranded to the Shrink monitor from Knuckles Chaotix.
*No longer launches players who are shrunk.

Mushroom Monitor:
Rebranded to the Grow monitor from Knuckles Chaotix.
*Players now have a slight speed nerf while grown.

Poison Shield:
Now has a shield ability, bursting out poison blobs that turn into lingering poison when landing.

ESP Shield:
No longer has a cooldown, but you still need to wait for it to reach max power again.

Ice Shield:
The ice stomp attack can now damage enemies and monitors.
*Player frozen state has been updated.

Bronze Ring:

Thunder Shield:
Shield ability now becomes available the moment you land instead of waiting for a cooldown.

Bumper Shield:
Shield ability now becomes available the moment you land instead of waiting for a cooldown.
*Shield ability can no longer be used multiple times in the air.

Pizza Monitor:
*Any pizza on the hunt will cease after 10 seconds.
*Pizzas are slightly less aggressive.

Over Booster Monitor:
Explosion attack now has a set radius instead of being unlimited.
*Players now glow red and green when fully charged.

Titanium Shield:
Now has a shield ability, shedding one layer off of the shield.

Web Shield:
Shield ability can no longer be used multiple times in the air.
*The strength of the shield ability's pull has been moderately changed.

Earth Shield:
Shield ability now becomes available the moment you land instead of waiting for a cooldown.

Turbo Monitor:
Turbo flame sprites have been updated to be consistent with 2.2's flame textures.

Megidolaon Monitor:
Completely overhauled!

Heavy Gravity Monitor:
Now properly cancels out Low Gravity.

Low Gravity Monitor:
Now properly cancels out High Gravity.

BATKAN!!! Monitor:
Players are now blessed by BATKAN!!! with his flashing colours.

Regeneration Monitor:
Now gives 80 rings over the course of 400 tics, instead of giving 200 rings really quickly.

Juggernaut Drive Monitor:
Juggernaut Drive has been reimagined.

Resistance Monitor:

Fixed the Cactus and Thunder Shield freezing the game when they come into contact with each other
*Fixed Juggernaut Drive because v2.5.10 broke it

*General fixes and improvments
*Removed Spikeball Monitor due to severe synch issues

*Fixed a critial error with the Grab Bag

*Fixes and Changes to the Grab Bag, MR Bean Monitor, Juggernaut Drive Monitor and the Fitness Monitor

*Removed the Monitor Storage feature for now until we can properly fix all of the issues
*MonitorsPlus is now in the PK3 format

*Added MonitorStorage.lua credit to FuriousFox
Save your overpowered monitors throughout different maps by walking up to a monitor and hitting custom action 1,2 or 3. You can store up to 3 monitors.

*Fixed issues with the Grab Bag
*Improvements to the Megidolaon Monitor

*Added support for BATKANESE.wad in the toggle monitor command and the grab bag

*Fixed synch issues when using the togglemonitor command
*Fixed some other synch issues throughout the wad

*Recombined the wads to make way for the all new togglemonitor command! (go to the Commands Section for more)

This is an Important Note: if you modify the monitors with togglemonitor in netgames, it will cause major synch. We are working on a fix for this bug. If you want to use MonitorsPlus in a netgame then please use v2.5.


As of v2.5.1 the Shields and Monitors have been separated as a temporary feature, they will be combined again in v3.0. The Monitor List and Command List has been changed in the individual wad files. The commands for MonitorsPlus.wad remains the same so if you want to find out what has changed then do the commandlist or monitorlist. As for the commands in ShieldsPlus.wad they will be listed below.

*1 - shieldlist - Gives the list of shields
*2 - spawnplusshield - Allows the player to spawn a shield monitor
*3 - giveplusshield - Replacement for the givempshield command
*4 - giveplusshieldlist - Replacement for the givempshieldlist command


Seperated the Shields into a seperate .wad file for players who only want to play with shields (See the Commands section for more)

Note: ShieldsPlus.wad and MonitorsPlus.wad are fully compatible so adding them both together would be as if they where never seperated.

Another Note: ShieldsPlus.wad and MonitorsPlus.wad will be combined again in v3.0 as the menu will feature an option to turn off individual monitors.


Added the Juggernaut Drive Monitor
*Added the cost system back to the Grab Bag (Credit to Steel Titanium for finding and fixing the bug)


Improvements to the Hyper Sneakers Monitor
*Removed all the Map changing monitors and the Megidolaon Monitor from the Grab Bag

Bug Fixes

Fixed the cost system for the Grab Bag (Credit to Steel Titanium for finding and fixing the bug)


Removed the Cost system from the Grab Bag

Bug Fixes

Removed the Cost system from the Grab Bag due to instant death after getting hit when using the Grab Bag


Added the all new Grab Bag system! (go to the Commands section for more)
*Added the givempshield command (go to the Commands section for more)
*Added 3 rare death sounds, can you find them all?


Improvements to the Hyper Sneakers

Bug Fixes

Fixed the Blue fire for the Turbo Monitor

Don't worry, we all know how much you all love these constant patches :wink:


Added the Hyper Sneakers Monitor
*Added 2 new commands (go to the Commands section for more)
*Added tunes for Pizza and Fitness Monitors


Improvements to certain particles
*Reduced the Fitness and Blooper timers
*Improvements to the Blooper Monitor (particles and added MFE_UNDERWATER)
*Improvements to the Fire Rate Monitor (particles)

Bug Fixes

Fixed the Spikeball Monitor
*Fixed: LUA_HYPE:1082: attempt to index field 'mo' (a nil value)
*Fixed: LUA_SUPR:45: attempt to index field 'mo' (a nil value)


HUGE visual update! Regeneration, Fitness, Resistance and the Jump Height monitors now have visual effects when they're in play.
*And best of all, the Super and Hyper Monitors have had their particle sprites revamped entirely.


Antimatter, BATKAN and Over Booster Monitors have had their particle sprites changed.
*Created LUA_RING so now Combine Ring, Hyper Ring, Bronze Ring, Silver Ring, Platinum Ring spawns on a Super Ring Box instead of weak/strong monitors
*Reverted the hyper theme back to the beta theme but with some improvements!
*The Resistance Monitor now last for 45 seconds, keep your rings longer!
*Super/Hyper players now have FF_FULLBRIGHT so they light up in the dark!

Bug Fixes

Fixed the Turbo Monitor's timer not resetting upon getting another while having one.


The Over Booster monitor now has some cool new Music with it!
*The Jump Height monitor now has some cool new Music with it!
*You can now spawn a monitor on everyone using -1 instead of a node number.


Removed Hyper, Pancake, Expand, Goop, Crumble, Low Gravity and Heavy Gravity monitors from MT_QUESTIONBOX for more of a balanced game with Random Monitors.
*Tidied up the scripts so now they are not as messy as they used to be.
*Created LUA_MNTR for easy editing of monitor spawn rates.
*Spikeball Monitor now lasts longer than 10 seconds.
*Removed duplicate freeslots.
*You shouldn't get stuck in water with the Titanium Shield anymore.
*Ice Shield now has a cool new overlay when you're frozen!
*Improved the Turbo Monitor
*Changed Super Emerald sprites from S3&K to Sonic Mania.

Bug Fixes

*Fixed LUA_KILL:87: accessed mobj_t doesn't exist anymore, please check 'valid' before using mobj_t.
*Fixed LUA_SPIK:384: accessed mobj_t doesn't exist anymore, please check 'valid' before using mobj_t.
*Fixed LUA_FITN:124: attempt to index field 'target' (a nil value)
*BATKAN monitor now properly resets the timer when you get another
*Fixed the Poison Shield not working at all with hyper players.
*Other minor unnoticeable fixes
*The Anti-Matter Shield and Over Booster Monitors should now properly IT players in Tag/Hide and Seek.


Added 2 new commands
*Removed End of the world and Megidolaon monitors from MT_QUESTIONBOX

Bug Fixes

Fixed issues with the poison shield
*Web Shield is now more common
*Other minor unnoticeable fixes


Made some changes to the Web Shield

Bug Fixes

*Fixed the crashing issue with the Earth Shield
*Other minor unnoticeable fixes


Bug Fixes

*Fixed compatibility issues with BATKANESE.wad

Known Bugs

*Earth Shield crashes your game if you damage another player


The Web Shield now has a longer range and can be used up to 6 times in a single jump

Bug Fixes

Fixed problems with the Over Booster monitor
*Fixed problems with some invalid sprites
*Fixed issues with the pancake and expand monitors
*Other minor unnoticeable fixes

Version 2.0 is finally here and here is the changelog!

Added 24 new Monitors (See the monitor list for details)
*Added 4 new Commands (See the command list for details)
*Added the ability to spawn vanilla monitors (See the command list for details)
*Revamped some 1.0 Monitors
*Resprited some 1.0 Monitors
*New monitor spawn commands (See the command list for details)
*Changed themes for Invincibility and Super Sneakers
*Added MD2s for all the Monitors (Shields are not yet supported)

Bug Fixes

Fixed Problems with the Cactus Shield
*Fixed players getting stuck with the Ice Shield when they slam on a spring.
*Fixed the End of the World killing players when they are already dead
*Fixed the End of the World in Race mode
*Other minor unnoticeable fixes

Fixed compatibility issues with BATKANESE.wad and mt_AltMatchMaps.wad

*Fixed Random monitors not working with the custom monitors

*Added the fancytvs.lua script

*Fixed compatibility issues with other wads that uses TehRealSalt's Custom Random Monitor Pool script

*Added the Platinum Ring Monitor
*Added the Bean Monitor
*Fixed a game breaking bug with the Instakill Monitor
*Updated sounds for the Bronze/Silver Ring Monitors
*Fixed an issue with the togglehyper command

*Updated hyper script for notifications when the player is hyper/no longer hyper
*Hyper sonic & hyper knuckles can now deflect tossed rings, missiles and projectiles
*Updated the hyper sparks for hyper forms

*Even more hyper enhancements
*Fixed issues with the Supply Monitor
*Added the Fire Rate Monitor

*Fixed the Reset Score Monitor, now it won't affect super/hyper players
*Updated the Reset Score Monitor's script

* Hyper forms have been enhanced even further (to be more over powered)
*The Supply Monitor now gives both weapon panels and ammo
*Added The Reset Score Monitor
*General fixes for some monitors

*Added enhancements to the hyper form
*Changed the hyper theme to an edited version of Sonic Mania's super theme

Version 1.2 The Admin Update

Added 15 new commands for you admins out there!

*1 - togglehyper - Makes the player hyper
*2 - kill - Kills the player
*3 - togglesuper - Makes the player super
*4 - endtheworld - Ends the world
*5 - psn - Poisons the player for 10 seconds
*6 - toggleinvis - Makes the player invisible
*7 - togglejump - Makes the player able to jump high
*8 - supply - Gives the player max ammo on weapon rings
*9 - strike - Strikes the player with a lightning bolt
*10 - toggleshrink - Shrinks the player
*11 - togglegrow - Makes the player big
*12 - randomhit - Hits a random player
*13 - drop - Hits the player and makes them drop everything
*14 - earthquake - Starts an earthquake
*15 - randomweather - Randomizes the weather

*Added Lach's newly updated combine ring script
*Added Lach's new Hyper Combine Ring Monitor
*Added the Random Weather Monitor

*The Ice Shield is now more common
*The Poison Shield no longer poisons super/hyper players
*Players now lose their shield when tagged in TAG
*Reduced the Ice Shield's cool down timer

Fixed more problems with the Ice Shield
*Fixed problems with the Lightning Monitor
*Fixed problems with the Earthquake Monitor

*Fixed problems with the Ice Shield
*Replaced ice breaking sound
*Moved the invisibility hud icon to accommodate for CTF flag icons

Fixed Blue Team's monitor getting overlapped with the Bronze Ring monitor sprite

Fixes for the main script
*Fixes for the Mushroom Monitor and the Lightning Monitor
*Fixes for the Invisibility Monitor

*Updated the Hyper Monitor to support all custom characters
*Added some other enhancements to the Hyper Monitor
*Added some general fixes to the other monitors

*Added Lach's Combine Ring Monitor
*Updated the End the World Monitor
*Fixed some issues with the Earthquake Monitor
*Updated Sprites for the Anti-Matter Sheild

*Added the Bronze Ring Monitor
*Added the Super Monitor
*Replaced the Emerald Monitor with the Super Monitor

Fixed super/hyper players getting knocked back if they have a custom shield
*Fixed Anti-Matter shield disappearing after getting it
*Fixed players having an invisible shield after losing a custom shield
*Fixed Anti-Matter shield after getting hit
*Fixed Ice Shield being able to freeze super/hyper players
*Changed freeze sound to sfx_s3k80
*Removed MF2_STANDONME on ice break

Fixed the Anti-Matter Shield being visible while the player is under the effects of the Invisibility Monitor
*Fixed players being able to turn super while they still have the custom shields
*Enhanced the Ice Shield

Fixed instant death after a player gets hit when they get a Drop Monitor
*Fixed the Jump Height Monitor ability lingering after map change

*Initial Release

Credit to Lach for the Combine Ring script
Credit to Inuyasha for the FancyTVs script
Credit to ManimiFire for the Hookring script
Credit to RedEnchilada for the orderpizza script
Credit to F777 for the Hyper Theme & the Firerate Jingle

Cannot forget to thank Lat', Snu and Spectorious for helping out with development, and a big thanks to everyone in my Discord Server for online testing.

If you encounter any bugs then please either leave a comment detailing the bug in question or send a message in my discord server. https://discord.gg/UYYbQRMS
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Latest reviews

Good to see this addon back for 2.2 with even more monitors now. I always liked this addon back in 2.1-era.

But for some reason it always forces "showhud 1", making the game to lag spike a lot since it's refresing all vanilla hud assets every frame, dropping the framerate to 12 which it painful to play :/

I hope this will be fixed soon since i dont wanna play with 12 FPS due to forcing the HUD always enabled every tick.
Upvote 0
I love this so much, thank god it's in 2.2 now!
10/10 would recommend again.
Upvote 0
Oh no.

It's back.

Jokes aside, nice to see this being here again! This is one of the most impressive 2.1 mods, so seeing this back in 2.2 warms my heart!
Upvote 0
I loved experimenting with this addon and seeing all of the new monitors this mod has to offer. However, while it's supposed to be chaotic/memey and all I feel like some of them go way over the top and it would be neat to have a blacklist command so it can be used in other gametypes without breaking certain aspects of them or be forced to use the annoying monitors.
You can disable monitors you don't want using mp_menu in the console then go under "Manage Monitors", setting their values to 0 will disable them and prevent them from appearing.
Upvote 0
Finally, it's back... in all it's glory...
this is really fun to play with in match servers and overall messing with it in general! I love it! though, I may question something though... are the sprites dragged from 2.1 or resprited?
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I remember spending countless hours in Solo-Match alone with this mod, so I'm so glad this has finally returned in 2.2! Here's to the many hours I shall lose from goofing around with this mod
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Chaotic Moment Happy New Year And Nice Mod!
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The king of chaos returns! Playing this with tag and random monitors is just perfect chaos. I hope everyone has fun with this!
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Extremely awesome mod! Welcome to Releases!
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