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Expanded Signposts V3.0

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This one's straightforward - gives 2nd and 3rd place smaller signposts while recoloring Top 3 to Gold/Silver/Bronze.

sp_participationtrophy (Default Off) - Allows 4th and below to earn a signpost upon completing the race. Participation signs will be colored according to the player's chosen skin color. Two-tone color mains rejoice!

Decorations - Players who finish in 1st-3rd, or while in a Power state if sp_participationtrophy is enabled, will have ribbons tied around their signs!
1st - Red
2nd - Blue
3rd - Green
4th+ - Player color

Additionally, Grow finishes spawn reinforced signs, and Super finishes will have an Emerald decorating the ribbon as well.

Superjustinbros - Recolorable sprite set for original MT_SIGN
Mitsuo - New sprite set for signposts, along with signpost decorations
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Now I feel rewarded for getting the high placing even if it's not first. This is perfect for your larger lobbies to reward players who even made it as high as they did.
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