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Equinox is a level pack adventure that takes place directly after the events of Sonic Robo Blast 2. Venture through time across fantastic worlds encountering new friends, enemies, and maybe even horse? Shadow of Atlantis was previously in the Summer 2020 OLDC and has received an overhaul.

Includes advanced Hee Hee technology. After grabbing hee hee objects use custom action 1 to active and destroy nearby enemies with the dance bomb attack.

Five single player campaign maps including:
  • Prelude to Atlantis (+ secret area)
  • Shadow of Atlantis (+ secret area)
  • Shadow of Aztlan (+ secret area)
  • Shadow of Artemis
  • Equinox
  • + 4 Bonus archive maps
  • + 1 Hang-out extravaganza

Special thanks to:
  • Mazmazz - Testing and feedback
  • Dimitri Zakharov - Voiceover work
  • Othius - Reconnaissance data on a specific culinary location
  • All the great folks in the SRB2 Discord who offered technical help and feedback

Music came from ModArchive
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  1. Equinox 1.0.1 update

    Unlockable structure reworked Fixed problem where hockey was breaking the final boss Eliminated...

Latest reviews

The level design of this map pack is amazing, its so fun to play through.

What stops me from giving it a five is that this map pack can't be completed in multiplayer, because the last level "equinox" in the game requires you to be teleported to the final boss, but that function only works in the single player campaign.
There is also some lag with the space level but other than those gripes, I would still recommend this level pack for anyone who wants to play something unique.
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Pretty great level design, and the plot is BIG lol.
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Currently my favorite game I've played this year, up to my fifth playthrough as of writing.
I've really been enjoying taking different characters through this and relearning the levels; I'm still finding a lot of little surprises everywhere (like hidden Hee Hees that put a smile on my face). The art and music are excellent and I see and hear a lot of love everywhere I look and listen. You listed the modtracker artists you curated from, would you be able to list the songs used at some point?
My only solid complaint is the final boss.
The final boss is a bit of a difficulty spike and isn't a very dynamic fight- I've had varying success with different characters but what usually happens is I hide behind the goblet platform, wait to remove it, and find an entry point on the boss. The horde of matryoshka dolls can close in quickly while the boss is preparing a hitscan, and with few other places to hide it's quite easy to lose the five rings given for the fight for good if things go wrong; and the conditions and arena layout are quite intense to make it through with no rings. I've also had the boss' attack straight up ignore walls I'm hiding behind on some playthroughs. A better balanced final fight is all I'd need to give this five stars.
On a separate note, is it possible to get a Super form for this pack? I've only found two emerald tokens, and while I need seven there are only five levels. I'm still relatively new to SRB2, can I replay levels and get the same tokens again to get new emeralds? I'd love to explore this with a Super character.
Very much looking forward to Zodiac whenever 2.3 comes out.
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I mean I wanna enjoy this map pack but it lags too much!
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As others have said, wacky story (though very interesting in that regard), but also a nice level design with neat references. Looking forward to the future second episode!
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i loved this map pack the story is very wacky but funnier the level designe is very good and i love the music from the second stage (sorry if i missed something my english is not good)
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I really enjoyed this map pack! The story was wacky and the maps were fun. I encountered a crash fighting the final boss, but it was still a good experience overall.
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I love everything about it. The wacky story, the level design, the graphics, the music choices. Even with it's short length, it still is very fun to replay.
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Lovably absurd, well designed, and visually distinct.
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5 starts for the burger king
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