Greatly buffed her base jump height and slightly buffed her tornado jump height, now her verticality shouldn't be as stunted as it was before.
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There's only so much I can do to improve baby's first mod.

Buffed her base jump height to make up for her nerfed tornado jump, and ground pound now halves your momentum when you first activate it.
So not much to note, I nerfed the tornado high jump, made it so you can't ground pound if you're holding the jump button (credit to N4h for the fix), and ground pound no longer stops your momentum.
Bit of a major-minor update, so let's go over it. First off, I finally converted all her sprites to DOOM graphics, so any issues that were related to that should now be fixed. Secondly, on top of revamping her code, she now has a new slide move for you to play around with! It can go under gaps and destroy enemies, monitors, and walls. Lastly, her dive and third wind jump have been reworked so that it scales with your top speed if you're going faster than her normal max speed (this is also applied to her slide). Have fun!
I've reduced the height you get from the little bounce you do after ground-pounding and I've removed the horizontal momentum nerf you get from doing the giant wind jump, so she's now got more flow to her moveset.

Also I've adjusted the colors for her character selection screen in singleplayer and added proper closed captions to all her custom sound effects.
Fixed a bug where crawling into springs just made you stomp instead of rolling into a ball.
So because I was dumb and didn't realize -1 + -1 = -2, the nerfs that get applied to the wind jumps underwater or in space to work around the physics difference actually gets buffed when gravity is inverted, so that's now fixed.
So you know how once you dive, you're committed to it? Well not anymore! Now you can jump or ground pound while diving to get out of the diving state, and jumping out of a dive will still allow you to do all the wind jumps.
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Fixed a bug where the player's height hitbox in NiGHTS mode special stages doesn't get scaled with the rest of the hitbox, resulting in Special Stage 7's section where you get shrunken down being more difficult due to the hitbox being much taller than it should be.
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Fixed a bug where if even one player in a server is playing as a character other than Emmette, all of Emmette's abilities straight up don't work for whoever's playing as her.