Emerald Coast

[Open Assets] Emerald Coast 1.0.4

Really good and surprisingly faithful to the original level.
I do have a couple of problems, the starting area in Act 2 feels very tight and compact and it's a little bit too slopey. Then again, I'm saying this as somebody who primarily plays Spice Runners.
Some parts also feel a little bit more janky and not as satisfying as the original, but I can let that slide considering this is SRB2.
Otherwise it just works.
About that first area, I realized too late that its too small for comfort and I couldn’t fix it in any easy way because of vertex slopes, on the other note I’m happy that you enjoyed this stage.
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Srb2 thicc emerald coast, nothing wrong with it.
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It's great! Very similar to the other Emerald Coast mod going around right now, but the level architecture is more spaced out so faster characters aren't constantly overshooting their marks. It's beautiful and spacious, perfect for a day at the beach!
Finally someone gets it!
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Alright but feels redundant especially when a much better remake already exists
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It's okay, but theres better improvement. the level is kinda wide open than the original
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really great port, despite the issues. just don't act like it's flawless.
it's poorly optimized, and could use some custom objects to make the sequences better and the enemies more engaging/balanced.
i'm also surprised nobody's tried saturn-retexturing emerald coast when doing this sorta thing to make srb2 the actual saturn sa1 every youtuber who's never played past arid canyon act 1 wants the game to be. ah well, less critique there and more wishful thinking
also, don't spite the other port.
they're different scales, and that makes this one much better for playing like it's actually sa1. the other one isn't bad just because it plays more like an srb2 level actually would.
i really like playing like it's actually sa1, though! that's the thing, i can't be too critical of something i enjoyed this much. that's why i've gotta give this 4 stars at the end of the day, thanks for taking the time out of your day to make this.
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Really not as accurate as the description would leave you to believe.
I'll talk about most of the issues and inaccuracies in my post in the discussion tab.

Not to mention the fact certain sequences don't work most of the time and how inconvenient it is to have to use the level select. (Which, not everyone has unlocked)

I also had major frame-drops when looking in a specific direction.

Just play the other Emerald Hill port.
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