Heh, neat level for a first level, plenty of tricks you already incorporated.
Like the scenery at some spots, especially the final area.
While I love the music, very funky, it feels out of place with the level itself that's more build around slower gimmicky sessions, where the music feels it belongs in a full blown action stage.
Especially with the dark underwater maze, it feels weird to have an action beat pumping.

Anyway, yeah. You got a few neat ideas in level construction, exploring is often rewarded, so I had a decent time. Altough the level can be annoying at times, you sure love spamming the more gimmicky badniks.
And yeah, underwater mazes in darkness, not really fun, especially not in a Sonic game.
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While your map is okay and all, you really need to post screenshots of your map, too. People wanna know what they're downloading, you know.
oh well, I really still do not know perfectly how to publish correctly, although it could be achieved, although that I still do not know exactly how to do it (I'm new here at mb, I don't have much experience either)
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