Eggette! (Or Omelette, if you prefer)

Eggette! (Or Omelette, if you prefer) 1.2.2

Just a quick hotfix to patch a re-synch issue when loaded into battlemod.
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Can you believe I released Eggette without a milne kick, despite having animated one ages ago?
weird how that just slips by.

This might seem like a small update, and infact it pretty much is if you don't touch Battlemod, but at least you can dance!

Patch notes are as follows

-Added FKIK Frames (milne dance time!)

-Raised Weight to 110
-Eggette Burst now acts like a psuedo thok (1,1)
-Flying now has a 2,2 hitbox below it (to contrast eggman's 3,3)
-Sliding into enemies now tumbles them if they have any defence
-A counter for how many Tails Dolls and Amy Dolls have been deployed is visible on the HUD
-Tails Doll cost has been increased to 15
-Tails Doll has been re-worked to be much more aggressive, consistent, and slippery
-Tails Doll no longer randomly hurts you for being too close
-Amy Doll can no longer teleport to players
-You can no longer stack multiple amy dolls on the same player
-Amy dolls will ignore invincible players
-Amy doll now has a visible timer when latched on
-Tails Dolls and Amy dolls now respect the gravity orientation they were spawned in
-Pressing the Battlemod ability while carrying a teammate with fly carry launches them

-Many many bugs and null/nil errors have been fixed

Many thanks to Denny, Lumyni and CyanKnight for fixing up her battlemod code​
-Fixed a bug in which Eggette could reach a crazy high score in battlemod using her Amy Bombs

Nothing major, maybe next time, just didn't want to sit on this bug forever