E-102 Gamma

[Open Assets] E-102 Gamma 1.3

Minor release to add support to SRB2infinity and fix some miscellaneous issues.


  • Sprite optimizations:
    • Grouped Gamma's Sprite2 freeslots together, to reduce how many are taken up. Previously used up 21, now only uses 7.
      • This change will break the existing 3D model. Sorry! Jeck is already working on it, so don't bother him about it please :)
    • Removed a lot of excess blank space on the sprites.
  • Time Limit improvements:
    • Made the starpost distance factor stricter, since v1.2 made the time limits just a tad too lenient for my tastes.
    • Time limit calculation now takes the boss's HP into account; longer bosses have more time, and vice versa.
    • Added Raid Bosses v3 support; the time limit will now scale with the bosses' extra HP.
  • Changed the secret taunt button to Custom 3.
  • Fixed birdie not having a drop shadow like the other flickies.
  • Added a console variable to turn off the laser beeeep; set "gamma_mutelaser on" in the console.
  • Added support for SRB2infinity.
  • Added a significantly more obnoxious warning for attempting to load Gamma in an older SRB2 version than supported. Stop complaining that it doesn't work, please.

  • Birdie improvements:
    • Improved sprites, generously donated by @MotorRoach!
    • Each player color now has its own unique bird color.
    • Added a cool transition animation when failing in NiGHTS.
  • Flight Mode improvements:
    • Gamma can now hover over damage floors and death planes.
    • Gamma can now swim in intangible damage FOFs.
    • Fixed a bug that made the hover height above planes inconsistent.
  • Drive Mode improvements:
    • Gamma's overall top speed has been increased by an incredibly slight amount (from 30 to 32). This has the knock-on effect of making Drive Mode's top speed slightly faster than standard SRB2 characters rather than matching them (from 36 to 38.4).
    • You no longer bounce off of Gargoyles, or other pushable objects, when trying to push them in Drive Mode.
  • Time Limit improvements:
    • Automatic time limits are less strict on maps with many split paths.
    • Automatic time limits are less strict on maps with checkpoints that are spaced out extremely far.
  • Gamma ghosts now show up in Record Attack! These have many limitations and cannot show all of Gamma's animations, but it's a little better than no support at all.
  • Gamma's homing missiles now use the same code that is used for enemy players for bosses as well. (Slower projectiles with a 3 second timeout.)
  • Fixed a bug introduced in v1.1 where the timer with a double digit minutes position being offset incorrectly.
  • Updated Custom HUD library version.
  • Added sprite X/Y scale support.
  • Updated Custom HUD library version.
  • Updated a few hidden colors of the score bonuses for SA1 HUD.
  • Smart Tether's extra time bonus is now only for non-Gamma teammates.
  • Fixed a Lua error where Gamma could lock-on to spectators to try and give them a Coop jump.
  • Added a check for trying to load Gamma in SRB2 versions older than 2.2.11.