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SRB2Kart DriftNitro Mod: Perfect Driving is the key!!​

Generally SRB2Kart is chaotic in nature. Like most other kart racers, random items will always play an important role on who gets what outcome. But, what if we removed the RNG factor from the game? To see who is really the fastest, the most skilled player?

We present to you DriftNitro, which removes RNG completely by bringing an adaptation of the popular (...in Asia) KartRider Drift speed mode into SRB2Kart.

How it works​


No item boxes appear on maps. Instead, you get Nitros by filling your orange bar, and you fill your orange bar through drifting.
The speed of the orange bar depends on your current position, the way you drift, what drift boost you get, and if you sliptide often.

There’s also a blue bar that fills based on the power of every drift boost you do. FIll it up to turn all the Nitros you hold blue, which give you a 3-second-long boost.

Your blue bar won’t immediately fill, though; after a set amount of time, you’ll get a certain amount of your blue meter filled.
Along with that, a half-second cooldown timer is attached to your boosts, represented by the small meter that appears above your items. During this duration, all Nitros you hold gray-out and are unusable.

You can also swap between the two slots freely with Custom 3 (or a set custom button with dfm_setcustomtype). Use this to your advantage in all situations.

If you’ve hit a wall, you still have a chance to recover your speed loss, thanks to the Crash Gauge system, adapted directly from KartRider itself. It transfers a portion of your speed percentage directly to the Nitro bar, compensating for the potential loss of speed and momentum.

To prevent farming Nitros, there’s both a delay and decay system active: In a set period of time, each consecutive bump after the first gives less Nitro meter power. If you bump 6 or more times within this time period, Crash Gauge will not work for a short time.

Tidbits and tricks​



Characters of lower speeds (Accel-type) have extra reserve slots and an increase on getting Nitros when drifting.
Speed 1 gets 4 slots, while speeds 2 and 3 get 3 slots. Along with this, your rates scale slightly based on your speed stat. Characters from speeds 4 and up still have a slight increase in their rate, but no extra slots.

Even with the extra slots, you can only swap the first two. The third and fourth slots are best seen as “reserve” slots that help Accel characters get the upper hand.

Sliptiding is the strongest move in your kit. Use it to fill up your orange meter faster, which could prove useful in scenarios, such as being able to have a boost ready after a sharp turn.

The Boost Bonus system, introduced in 2.0, will increase your Nitro meter’s speed by a specific percentage should you be either boosting or at a speed exceeding 110% of your character’s speed.

New to DriftNitro 2.1 is the EX-Bonus system. Whenever you’re not in the lead, the yellow EX meter will increase, slightly increasing your Nitro meter power across the board. At Boost Bonus speed, your EX meter fills much faster, meaning you can reach maximum EX power very quickly.


The available commands give you a plethora of options to fine-tune DriftNitro the way you want it, making it a flexible mod that can fit all playstyles and skill levels.
This mod contains an extra visual addition: player-colored flame trails, useful for line tracking.

This mode intends to be a fast, engaging, competitive, and fun alternate mode to the standard racing chaos present in Kart, especially for those who are tired of RNG in general and want that neck-and-neck racing that RNG can ruin, mask, and hide in several cases.
We hope you enjoy this mod as much as we did making (and testing it to death)!

Azur: Helped majorly with the development of the mod, made the majority of sprites and some sounds, and pitched the original idea.
Lat': Created the HUD functions for Driftboost Gauge, which I've used here for the alternate Boost Monitor.
Various friends and testers: Helped us to make and fine tune the mod with their feedback. Thanks to all!


driftnitro <on/off> : Turns DriftNitro on or off. Changes will not take effect until the next map change.
dfm_bluemeter <on/off> : Turn the blue meter on or off.
dfm_exbonus <on/off> : Turn the EX Meter on or off.
dfm_setbluelength <num> : Set the size of the blue meter, between 1 and 200.
dfm_setexlength <num> : Set the size of the EX Meter, between 1 and 200.
dfm_setmeterrate/dfm_setbluerate <num> : Set the rate of the orange/blue meter, with a decimal value between 0.01 and 99.99.
dfm_setexrate <num> : Set the percentage of the EX Meter that fills during EX Bonus with a number between 1 and 12.
dfm_setbonusdiv <num> : Set a number between 2 and 10 that serves as how heavily the orange meter scales.
dfm_setslipfactor <num> : Set a decimal number between 0.01 and 2.00 that serves as how strong sliptide bonuses are.
dfm_setboostpct <percent> Set a percentage between 0 and 100 that serves as how strongly the boost bonus affects your Nitro meter.
dfm_setexdecay <num> Set a number between 1 and 10 that serves as how heavily the EX Meter depletes when a player reaches 1st.
dfm_setssrate <num> Set a decimal number between 0.01 and 99.99 that serves as the rate at which slipstreaming increases your Nitro meter.


dfm_setcustomtype <num> : Set your designated custom button with a number between 1 and 3. Changes will not take effect until the next map change.
dfm_getinfo : List the server's current settings for DriftNitro.
dfm_setswapsound <1/2> : Change the sound when swapping items.

While these mods are not required for DriftNitro, they help make the experience more fair for all:

Kart Slipstream / Drafting (by Ashnal):

A highly recommended mod, as KartRider itself features its own form of slipstreaming. This will help struggling players catch up to the frontrunners, making races more intense with an increased chance of overtaking on curves. To add to this, there’s also slight crossmod compatibility: charging a slipstream causes a “SLIPSTREAM” text to slowly appear on the screen, and you receive an orange meter bonus for slipstreaming.

KartMP (by Lat’):

This well-known mod adds highly recommended changes to game balance, leading to a better experience overall.

I recommend turning on these custom variables for DriftNitro:

kmp_bumpspark (Preserves drift charge after bumping into a wall, meaning running into one won’t cost you as much.)
kmp_hardsneakers (The increased boost speed is a great addition for Hard speed, and will help with catching up during races.)
kmp_haste (Very important for lower speed stats, as this helps slower characters keep up with the faster ones.)

HOSTMOD (by Tyron):
This mod is a must-have for any server host, but its restat custvar lets you change your character’s stats to whatever you please. Helpful for beginners, as they can swap to balanced stats like 5, 5 without having to play strictly as Knuckles.

DriftNitro has slight integration compatibility through the consumeNitro function being global and a check for if players have a "nitroGimmickFlag" variable.

The function consumeNitro(player_t player, [boolean transformBoost]) runs the Nitro consumption aspect of the mod. You likely won't have to worry much about the transformBoost check, as that's strictly designed around consuming a Nitro in the middle of its transformation.

nitroGimmickFlag is a player variable that's meant to check if certain modded mechanics allow boosting in mid-air. Apply only for said mechanics.
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