After seeing the terrible events of Greenflower Mountain being destroyed during exploration hours, Dirk hops into action to see what is going on. With his buddy Whirl by his side, they'll work together to defeat the trouble that awaits them on this adventure.

Meet the characters


Dirk The Husky

A cyrokinetic young husky who likes to enjoy going on adventures with his friends. Using his ice abilities to help me reach high places and even run across water. He also relies on the ability to spindash to destroy his enemies.
Players will find Dirk handy to reach grounds that tails can.

Main abilities:
Ice Platforms (Double Jump):

Inspired from Cloud Mario from Super Mario Galaxy 2. Dirk can spawn up to three platforms when he's in the air. However, after you spawn one, it will vanish after a few seconds so be quick and mindful on where to spawn them. Use them to your advantage in platforming if you got what it takes!

Ice Surf (Spin while rolling and holding down forward):

WHERE. IS MY. SUPER SUIT?! With a running start, Dirk can travel through the air using ice surf for 6 seconds. To start it, press spin while rolling and holding down forward. Holding Jump while ice surfing to ascend higher, but your speed will also be cut in half. Releasing spin while ascending makes Dirk hop off his ice surf to end it. Dirk rapid tints the skincolor your using when you have half the energy left and the ice surf trail starts to fade out. Trying to perform this ability when walking will send Dirk into his spin state.

Frost Walker (Passive ability #1):

With the cyrokinesis energy surrounding him, Dirk can walk on water with ease while spawning ice under his feet. Though be a bit careful when using this move on rising water. You can cancel this ability by spindashing.

Slippery Floor Resistance (Passive ability #2):

Dirk has a bit of an advantage with slippery floors. When no movement keys are pressed on slippery floors, Dirk can stop faster than everyone else. With this special ability, Dirk has no problem beating zones filled with ice and/or slippery hazards.

Shield Abilities:
Nothing new when Dirk gets any shield. He will perform the same abilities as normal.

Competitive Abilities:
Dirk does have ringslinger abilities. Due to Ringslinger gametypes not being popular on the master server these days, I don't think they're worth explaining at the moment.

Frost Stun (Battle mod - 16 rings, 7 second cooldown):

Dirk's moves focuses on using the spindash to damage his foes. But some foes can get away easily! Using frost stun will charge up the move and release the energy in a radius to freeze players. This gives Dirk an opportunity to strike while they're down. Frozen players must rapidly tap the "jump" button to break free! His main abilities are disabled when he holds the flag or the emerald. He can also parry and has a one shield storage.


Whirl The Ram

A very optimistic and cheerful lad who assist Dirk in any way he can. With his horns made out of wood and a very resilient head, charging into enemies is his main way of attacking. He also has aerokinesis to make up for not having the ability to spindash. Players will find Whirl useful to speed through the zones while bashing through obstacles.

Main abilities:
Propeller Fly/Drill (Double Jump, then pressing Jump or Spin afterwards):

Inspired by the Propeller Suit from the New Super Mario Bros. series. Whirl uses his Aerokinesis to thrust himself upwards while spinning. After the liftoff, he will descend down very slowly, but his speed is also cut down. No need to hold down jump while performing this ability as it is used for another purpose after performing the propeller fly.

By pressing jump or spin while descending, Whirl will drill down to the ground at high speed. Upon landing, enemies near a radius will be damaged. You can even damage enemies from above while performing this move to bounce off. However you're vulnerable once you made your move. You can break bustable floors with this move to take Amy/Fang routes and drilling into vertical and diagonal sprites will give you a boost.

Ram Charge (Holding down spin when on the ground):

Based on Spyro's charge from his games. Whirl will use his horns to batter enemies while running at high speed. You can even jump while using this move. Controlling through the zones will be a challenge for you're charging. You'll slow down when you make contact with enemies and bonk off walls and any enemies that have more than one HP. Master this ability and you'll become the unstoppable ramming machine.


This move can heavily be interacted with many objects in the game. Ramming into horizontal springs will really send you flying depending which color spring you hit. You can even break through bustable walls and spikes!

Shield Abilities:
Nothing new when Whirl gets any shield. He will perform the same abilities as normal.

Competitive Abilities:


Whirl's move set deals damage in many ways that he doesn't need his own special ability. Using moves like propeller fly and drill dive for aerial attacks and the ground splash and ram charge for ground damage. His ram charge speed is also toned down in battle gametypes. His main abilities are also disabled whenever he holds the flag or the diamond. He can also parry and has a one shield storage.


When two combine their powers as one!

With these two work together, nothing will stop them! Dirk take charge while Whirl follows along. With the Dirk and Whirl option, you can perform a special ability. Stand in the same position as Whirl and jump when the arrow indicator shows up.



Dirk will grab on to Whirl while Whirl performs the Propeller Fly move. While flying you can press spin to drill down or press jump to hop off! Combine Dirk and Whirl's move to maximize your height.


Whirl can also ride on Dirk's Ice surf trail to travel far and high! Both team abilities can also be used in Co-op in netgames, try these moves with others and show Eggman what teamwork really means!

Here you can see what stuff you can do for your own addons, if you want to that is.

Frozen and surf sprites: You can apply these to your custom character through SOC. Dirk and Whirl have theirs in the base pk3.

Frozen sprites:

Sprite2 SPR2_FROZ
Default = SPR2_DEAD

Surf sprites:

Sprite2 SPR2_SURF
Default = SPR2_WALK

• Renamed BT_USE to BT_SPIN

- V1.2.0a
- Bugfixes:
• Fixed something involving consoleplayer

- V1.2.0 - Chaos has been reignited!
- General:
• Ice platforms now spawn particles whenever they're created
• Sound for ice platforms have higher pitches for the 2nd, 3rd, and so on.
• Ice surf improvements:
    - The ability itself is now triggered by pressing spin while in a rolling state.
    - Ice surf ascending now runs smoother.
        - Players will stay on the ice surf trail without desynching.
    - Ice surf platforms can no longer collide with parts of the trail, which means that players can no longer be crushed (hopefully...)
        - SPR2_SURF is now custom character support, you can now make
custom surf frames for characters mods!
• Added dance.
• Added a squeaker sfx whenever Dirk gets hugged.
• Chaos has reignited with the kinetic energy. What does it mean? You'll find out eventually...

- General:
• Whirl bot now jumps lower to reach Dirk's height when performing flight call, making the action perform faster.
• Added surf sprites.
• Added dance. It can also be synched with Dirk's dance.
• Bonk 2: Electric Boogaloo.

- V1.1.1
- General:
• Some sprite fixes

• Dirk can no longer use frost walk if the PF_SLIDING flag is active
• Dirk's abilities (except frost walker and slippery floor resistence) are disabled when he's holding the diamond in Diamond in the Rough

• Whirl's abilities and effects are completely disabled when frozen.

- V1.1.0 - Battle support returns!
- General:
• Brough back battle support all updated to the latest version of SRB2 Battle.

• Frost stun radius has been nerfed from 320 to 240.
• Players now fly a bit higher when frozen.
• Dirk now has the parry system like the others and uses one shield storage.

- General:
• Propeller fly now halts your speed when propelling upwards.
• Propeller fly effects disappear in first person.
• Ram charge received new windflow papersprites to give it more charm.
• Using Ram charge with speed sneakers no longer slows you down. They stack to your current charge speed. This also applies to using the move on horizontal springs and when super. Don't ask about Super Whirl.
• Ram charge allows you to run on water.

• Added battle support. No special moves for Whirl due to all of his moves dealing damage.
• Ram charge speed will be reduced in these gametypes.
• Whirl can parry like everyone else and uses one shield storage.

• Fixed an issue where bubble particles will rise out of the water.

- V1.0.0 - The beginning of the kinetic duo!
- General:
• Updated a few animations.
• Ice cuffs are now hueshifted to give them more of an icy feel.
• Character Select image got updated
• Super Dirk now uses "super icy", a custom supercolor

• Noise cancelling for ice surf now stops the sounds for ice surf only instead of the player itself.
• nani easter egg now triggers if the bot is in the STND state only.

- General:
• Initial Debut.

These characters wouldn't go beyond great with some help from these people!

Alacroix: Character Select Art Assistance
CobaltBW: Battle Support lua for Dirk
Inazuma: Some ideas to make both characters fun to play as
Jimita: Lua porter for Dirk with some improvements
Lach: Main lua scripter for Dirk
Lat': Bugfixing some lua for Dirk
MotorRoach: Sprite feedback in case if I didn't think some sprites were planned as I expected it would
SMS Alfredo: Main lua scripter for Whirl
Soap Surfin': Signpost assistance
switchKaze: Ice Ring render
Tatsuru: Assisting with frozen sprites
VAdaPEGA: Sound effects
STCPhoton: Ice surf sprite

And many other people who helped me test these two characters to make sure they're fun to play with others.

Enjoy playing as these two small boys!

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