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[Reusable] Cut Multiplayer Stages (Cut levels from 2.1)

Here it is, my first public WAD and a WAD literally nobody asked for. I was scrolling along the wiki when I found out that a bunch of 2.1 multiplayer maps were cut. Now, by no means are these maps actually good, but I figured why not. I had a lot of memories with these zones, and I can't let them go.

Keep in mind that these maps are not updated to 2.2 standards, which means all the 2.1 level design flaws are still here, and there aren't any slopes. I got it to the point that these maps are fully playable in 2.2 and show no errors, but if something is broken, just tell me and I will fix it. I played through several minutes of each map with a friend and everything worked fine.

I hope you guys enjoy this!
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Thanks for calling two maps I co-created not good, and then bringing them back after they were removed for a reason...
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Granite Lake is the gem of this pack. It was such a favourite for me. The CTF maps however are a different story as they weren't particularly favoured by many.

Its nice to see them again though!
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