CubeMan 1.1.1

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After like 2 months of development he's here....




Press jump in midair to use another jump

Press Spin to bounce of the ground
Combine this with the doublejump to reach greater heights.

Press C1 to unleash a speed not seen for like a long time.

Press C3 to shoot straight down to the ground. This will though cost all of your momentum

MotdSpork's Lost World Bounce,
Dabir's Footsteps mod,
Rest of lua made by me
Cheeseboi! For inspiration of the mod

Ummmmmmmmm.That's it so have fun with the mod I guess.Oh yeahHe has custom themes I guess.
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Latest updates

  1. The speed update

    In this update the overall speed of cubeman has been improved - New DropDash move has been added...
  2. The super update

    Just added more stuff for the super form. -Faster boost when super -Stomping creates and quake 1...

Latest reviews


1 - First off, sprites are low effort, which is fine. However the jumping sprites only has 2 rotations left and right. walking/running looks really jank and just makes the character look like he's spazzing out.

2 - (Abilities flow oddly and don't feel good #1) I see no reason for the stomp to even exists because it stops all momentum and goes down, When you can just use the bounce instead to go down while keeping momentum. If the point was to act like an air break, there was never any times where I needed it, but maybe that's just me.

3 - (Abilities flow oddly and don't feel good #2) The boost is really awkward, having to run and then press a button, feels like a worse sonic lost world run button. but an interesting concept nonetheless, but not bad.

4 - The mod also has a bit of plagiarism, as its heavily based off Cheeseboi's alien character. But he gave permission so I can't complain.

Overall though Its not a terrible start to mod making, for it being a first mod its impressive that you were able to make this in only 2 months. I hope to see you improve and continue on making stuff. Hope to see your next project soon! Have a good one!
1.I know the sprites are very lazy and the run has a bug I plan to fix
2.The Stomp is being reworked so it works like in sonic unwiished
3.I have no idea what to except replace it with a dash mode
I plan to learn more lua coding ro make it better
Thanks for the review
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looks very cool
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