Hello gamers, a quick update for Cotopack, it is now playable in record attack or whatever the mode is called. Also a bunch of fixes, hope I'm not forgetting anything:

Cotopack v7.3:
  • Changed the offroad for the cave cut with the bustable wall of Youkai Mountain from regular to strong
  • Reduced the gap width of the first jump in Puyo Puyo Gardens
  • Removed a cheese cut at the end of Picture City
I think that's it, see ya!
Happy 2023 gamers! Cotopack received an update in the form of various tweaks:

Changelog 7.2:

Puyo Puyo Gardens:

  • Removed the yellow puyo cut because it was timing-based and a bit janky
  • Fixed a fence that was not solid
ChuChu Space Stadium:

  • Added an invisible deadly fof to prevent players from skipping the dreamcast jump and take a big cut
  • Removed some GFZ rock textures
  • Raised the volume of the bgm a little bit
Youkai Mountain:

  • Removed the lake cut to help with readability. Don't panic there is an other cut right before, directly on the left right after taking the wooden bridge staircase, use this one instead!
  • Changed the road flat texture on the top of the mountain to help with readability
Planet Flora:

  • Added a fence to prevent from falling at the very first pit and help with readability
  • Removed the jump because it was a blind and hard to recover from especially on hard speed
Monkey Island:

  • Added a fence at the end of the first upward slope because it is blind and first-time players tend to fall a lot here
  • Made the cut on the higher section easier to detect by tweaking the fence on the left that was obstructing it
Picture City:

  • Lowered the bgm volume a bit
Reminder that players who report bugs to makers and share their feedback are based. Special thanks to them!
Changelog 7.1:

  • Fixed a wrong map ID that prevented Monkey Island from being loaded
  • Fixed ChuChu Space Stadium wrongly labeled as being part of Cross Cup
  • Cool!
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Hello gamers, Cotopack received an update: a brand new track based on ChuChu Rocket!

ChuChu Rocket is such an iconic title from the dreamcast era that I would even argue that ChuChus are the console's mascots. Anyway I thought that a track based on that game would be a nice closure to my SEGA cup, enjoy.

That's not all, Puyo Puyo Gardens was remade from the ground up. I felt that of all my tracks, this one in particular was suffering from major problems that just couldn't be fixed with updates (wide roads and long straightaways) so I went ahead and remade it. The layout of the remake is inspired by the original and don't worry: the old version will come back as a hidden map in a future update!

Changelog v7:

  • Added a new map: ChuChu Space Stadium
  • Remade Puyo Puyo Gardens from scratch.
  • Fixed a missing offroad in Youkai Mountain
  • Hopefully fixed some waypoints/checkpoints jank in Monkey Island
Special thanks to Pippu, Jelly, Mustard, Mizu and Diggle who playtested* ChuChu Space Stadium during the NVJRcast stream.
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Hello gamers, Cotopack received an update: a new track inspired by the first Rayman game!

I was happy to see that the ugly bastard was coming back as DLC for the latest Rabbids game (how ironic) and wanted to celebrate with a track.
I hope that whether or not you are familiar with the series you will enjoy racing through Picture City as I think Rayman features some of the most unique environments from any video game.

Changelog v6:

  • Added a new map: Picture City

Youkai Mountain:

  • Moved the first item row so we don't miss it when taking the ramp
  • Changed Momoyo's texture to a power of 2

Speaking of Youkai Mountain, I doubt many will read this but I wanted to explain my music choice since it still bothers some people apparently.
Well first the cover is a banger so really it is the only reason we need, but also the map is about Youkai Mountain as a locale not as the MoF Stage 4 specifically. This is not a stage based on Touhou 10 alone, as it also draws inspiration from Touhou 10.5, 15.5 and 18.

Special thanks to the Aqua's Karthouse community for playtesting Picture City :)
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Hello gamers, Cotopack received a big update: a new track inspired by the Touhou games.

I've been thinking of designing a Touhou course but was lacking the inspiration until nekozneko, who worked with me on the track, suggested Youkai Mountain and it immediately clicked! I hope you will enjoy it.

Changelog v5:
  • Added a new map: Youkai Mountain
Special thanks to nekozneko for their help (art clean-up, testing, touhou lore expert) and the Aqua's Karthouse community for their precious playtests.

I know I'm using a zipper texture as a sneaker pad texture (the one from the Community Resource pack, props to the contributors!), it will get patched eventually but couldn't find any textures that I liked and was too lazy to make my own, please understand.
Mario is sent to jail.

It has been suggested to me that Delfino Plaza could make a return in the form of hell map and I liked the idea because everyone's a winner, haters can ignore it and enjoyers can have fun.
It's back just in time for the next heat wave so have fun gamers and new map reveal soon I hope.

Delfino Plaza (new map ID: MAPRK)
  • Back from the dead as a hidden map
Puyo Puyo Gardens:
  • Added a way to prevent an unintended cut next to the first set of yellow puyos
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Hello racers, Cotopack has been updated to v4
  • New track: Planet Flora from Ristar
  • Reslot all the tracks so they appear together once loaded in the stage selection list (New ids on the overview page)
Monkey Island:
  • Fixed the waypoints at the beginning of the race
  • Fixed the grass that didn't have offroad effects
  • Made the new section that used to be yellow springs platforms more perilous
Puyo Puyo:
  • Restored the yellow puyos on the road but with a new layout so the item boxes are harder to miss
  • Removed the physics on the slope right before the red puyos
Special thanks to Raivolt for their boost pad textures :)
Thanks to the community for their feedback on the previous update!
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ATTENTION before overwritting the 3.1 version, this update contains a map removal!

Hello racers, Cotopack received quite a few updates that I hope will make your experience better.

Changelog v3.2:

Monkey Island:
  • Redesigned a few sections of the track to make the experience more forgiving and less awkward in general
  • Updated the minimap accordingly
  • Made the arrow signs bigger
  • Added a few shortcuts
  • Removed the skillcuts and unintentional cuts
Puyo Puyo Gardens:
  • Made the turbo pads larger
  • All puyo hazards now have the same falling and idling speed
  • Added some fence before going under the bridge
  • Removed the yellow springs on the road and lowered the random item boxes
  • Added some random item boxes to avoid speed vs. items tradeoffs
  • Changed the musical theme
  • Added Jugador's lua script that removes water skipping. Thanks to them!
Delfino Plaza:
  • Removed from the pack. It won't be supported anymore.
Regarding the removal, I took this decision because it seemed that the track was actively disliked by a lot of players. Of course nothing is universally liked and negative feedback, when respectful, is very precious and appreciated! Delfino Plaza felt beyond saving at this point and I simply don't want to bother with it anymore.

On a positive note, I might try again designing a Delfino course with an original layout this time, because I love this environment.
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Hello racers, Cotopack has been updated to 3.1 because Delfino Plaza received a few changes.

Changelog v3.1:
  • Removed a red spring on Delfino Plaza that allowed an easy and powerful cut for frontrunners
  • Removed a boost pad at the end of Delfino Plaza to prevent mowing
  • Removed the end cut in Delfino Plaza to prevent cheap steals at the end of a race
  • Added signs in Delfino Plaza to help anticipate blind turns and jumps
  • Lowered down the wooden pillars during the quay section in Delfino Plaza so that you can't bump into them anymore
I hope this changes will make your racing experience on Delfino Plaza less frustrating and more fair.
Thanks to diggle once again for the detailed feedback!
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