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cotopack presentation.png

cotopack presentation crossover cup.png

Hello racers!

I am honored to present you my pack: Cotopack! It will feature multiple Cups, one being inspired by classic SEGA franchises such as Super Monkey Ball and Puyo Puyo, and another one inspired by multiple franchises accross gaming.
You will find in this pack lots of original sprites and remixes, I hope you will enjoy them.
ALSO: I'm allowing edits of my pack if the purpose is to change slots around to avoid conflicts in your server

Cotopack v7 contains:

  • Monkey Island Zone [v3.3] MAPRG
  • Puyo Puyo Gardens [v2.1] MAPRF
  • Planet Flora [v1.1] MAPRI
  • ChuChu Space Staidum [v1.1] MAPRM
  • Spelunky [v1.1] MAPRH
  • Youkai Mountain [v1.3] MAPRJ
  • Picture City [v1] MAPRL
  • ???
HELL Maps:
  • Delfino Plaza [v1.2] MAPRK


nekozneko for testing and for cleaning up art for Youkai Mountain
Jelly for testing, providing fixes and basically motivating me update the pack
Fayt for early guidance, fixes and advices
Diggle for advanced testing and great feedback
Jugador for the water skipping lua script
Raivolt for the booster pad texture on Planet Flora and ChuChu Space Stadium
Pippu, Wald, Logan, Chengi, SeasideDoe, my friends, and all the discord communities (KCS, Aqua and NVJR) for testing and giving feedback.
Huge thanks to all of you!

More details regarding updates and credits in the update post.
Please contact me if you were not credited correctly.
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Latest reviews

cotomili knocks it out of the park. There's not a single map I dislike, and it'd take me too long to sing the praises of each and every single level. However I have some feedpack I put in the discussion tab that I hope you'll addess: https://mb.srb2.org/threads/cotopack-new-track-chuchu-space-stadium.33153/post-588771

Keep up the good work!
thank you jug for the precious feedback. I can't promise I'll fix everything because changing the levels geometry can be tricky in some instances but it will definitely help me improve my future maps
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All the maps are pretty solid in layout and in decoration, i really like your pack! it motivates me to do more maps also! hehe
thank you mattioz, I'm glad that my work motivates you because the feeling is definitely mutual, cheers!
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Great maps, but is there no Jet Set Radio themed track so i must take points off for that. Please add a JSR themed track in a future update or i will be even more disappointed than I already am
Fun fact: I have some work done on a jsr track, it is on hold because of how demanding the art assets are, maybe one day I'll be able to finish it...
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These are a great set of maps, Visuals are simple and punchy and most corners are directioned well on a first playthrough.

Curious what the road width on the 1st corner of the monkey ball map is cos i believe its quite tight, even with few player counts.

PuyoPuyo map is nice and relaxing, i dont have many issues with it right now
Thank you for playing and for the feedback, it's always helpful.
Yes retrospectively I do agree that the road in the monkey ball map is too tight at times, it is due to my inexperience with the game at the time. I was so excited to make a map that I jumped into ZB without taking the time to fully grasp how the racing feels. As a result I was unaware of the scales and how different it is to race on an track alone vs. multiplayer. I might tweak it one day but first I want to improve in map making in general!
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These are simply amazing courses!
I really enjoy the simplistic layouts, they're fun and the gorgeous aesthetics lend to them a ton! On Hard speed, Monkey Island is pretty tough as the original games are, but can still be mastered, and the new Puyo course expands on the difficulty with the bouncy Puyos and falling blocks! My only worry is the falling blocks lack any warning as to when they fall, but they have a pretty regular pattern one can memorize in the race.
Also, the remixes are super good! I seriously love it when levels come with their own original tunes, and these are fun remixes- I like them a lot and they fit well!
I can't wait for the future courses, keep it up!
Thank you for playing and for sharing your thoughts, this type of comment really keeps me going and I appreciate it! Good point about the falling blocks, I can't promise I'll improve it right away but I definitely listen to all feedback. I'm glad that you also took the time to appreciate the remixes! Can't wait to share you more of what I have in store!
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Superb visual design theming and aesthetics in general. Song is a nice bop as well. I do feel like there could have been more use of slope physics or peril in general, given the nature of the Monkey Ball games. Main thing would be the lack of a major catch-up shortcut, especially given the nature of the track being significantly more dangerous while going fast with normal catch-up items. Might I suggest one that travels through one of the level-warp gates~?
Thanks for playing and sending feedback!
Yes, the general design of the track can be quite minimalistic at times, it comes from the fact that I'm learning the editor and didn't want to get too ambitious for my first level. However I love the suggestions and I definitely would consider making it even more monkey ballish if I ever have the opportunity to update it!
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Welcome to releases!
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