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Cosmic Metal Sonic (or Cosmetal) v1.4.0

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IMPORTANT: You must read the extras near the bottom of the page.
Cosmic Metal Sonic is here! With a familiar moveset, nonetheless...

For this character, I asked myself "What if he had the moveset for Boss Metal Sonic?" and I made this.
Here's the abilities:

The Metal Flap (a name I came up with and decided to keep) :
Jump upwards and then you can charge one of two things: a laser blast (hold Jump) or a boost of forwards momentum(hold spin). There's also a visual cue for the last few frames that you could hold a button.

The Jet Boost (weirdly reminds me of a different mod, but I made it myself) :
Press Jump and Spin to perform the move. You boost forward with quite a bit of speed and depending on which shield you have, the ability is augmented:

  • Whirlwind Shield: Boost upwards as well as forwards.
  • Lightning Shield: The same as Whirlwind but with electric sparks.
  • Bubble Shield: Boost downwards as well as forwards.
  • Flame Shield: Boost with more speed.
  • Elemental Shield: Has the effects of Bubble and Flame combined.
  • Armageddon Shield: If you hit a wall or just let the ability do its thing, you will explode.
  • Force Shield: If you hit a wall, you do a wall jump.
  • Pity Shield: Amy Rose says "I pity you".
  • Attraction Shield: Doesn't do anything at the time of posting, may be changed in a future update.
Just make sure not to hit a wall!


Tactical Redirection:
When you're in dashmode on the ground and you press and hold spin, you get to redirect yourself at a set speed.

  • A customisable super colour. Type metalsupercolor in console.

  • Customisable afterimage colours. Type metalimage_color in console.
  • Switchable charge buttons. Type chargeabilityswitch in console.
  • Try to impress your friends with tricks but fail. (XMomentum support)
  • Become a DJ. (Press tossflag)

  • Customisable DJ Music. Type metaltunes in console.
  • A leftover tune.
  • Customise jet and flash colours by using jetcolor and flashcolor respectively.
  • Cool super tunes.
  • Bossbars.
  • Different life HUD due to bossbars.
  • And probably more. I don't actually remember all the things.

Levels Shown:
SunkSea X Zone
Freezer Folley Zone
OLDC 2022 Round 1 Hub

Credits are in the mod files but I'll put them here anyway:
FontLib: Sprkizard
SpinSteer: FFoxD
Charge Aura and Charge Gathers Thinkers: CobaltBW
Aim and Trick Fail Sprites, Crumble FOF Lua: Frostiikin (from XMomentum)
Amy Rose saying "I pity you": Kart Krew (As far as I know, the original source is Kart's bonuschars.kart.)
Everything else: Me, CosmicPikachu

All the code that I made in this add-on was done without any help.
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Latest updates

  1. Version 1.4.0 - The "you won't have to redownload for a while" update

    Several changes here: Emeralds are drawn underneath the lives HUD in singleplayer/coop when you...
  2. Version 1.3.1 - The "Why do I post so many updates" update

    I really hate posting so many updates. This update adds the old Metal Sonic Race as a DJ option...
  3. Version 1.3.0 - The customisation update

    Basically, I looked at some requests made in reviews and made most of them. You can change the...

Latest reviews

Very good and very fun mod, it very much feels like an upgraded version of metal sonic and it feels very true to the boss, but as always I do have a few complaints. Accidentally beginning to charge a laser is way too easy, I wish it either forced me to press it twice rather than hold the jump button, or that the dash as on jump instead of the laser. (maybe an option to switch the two?) On the subject of charging, there doesn't seem to be much benefit to fully charging either move. A suggestion would be perhaps having the laser either fire 3, or fire the vertical line/ horizontal line/ have both combined into a cross, and maybe having the dash bounce off walls during the initial startup of the boost when at full charge. As for less meaningful complaints it would be nice to have the old metal sonic race theme as an option, (the one that starts with the weird drum-ish riff) having a console command to change the color of his after images, (so they aren't always orange) and perhaps giving him a slightly different goalpost and character sprite to tell him apart from normal metal sonic. However even with these complaints, this mod is still fun and I would absolutely recommend a download. Most fun I've had playing metal sonic in a while.
What's the old metal sonic race music and what version was it in?
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This mod is awesome! I really like that he's powerful but takes time to master, like a bit of a harder version of the shadow mod if you know what I mean. One thing though, maybe you could change the sprites a bit? Because he's "cosmic metal" you could add some space/futuristic designs? Instead of metal sonic with a different palette.
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This is a good mod. An idea that most thought of and wanted but never got until now. It has some exploitable abilities that i found on the first minutes of playing. I like it. Also the funny flying glitch:
That "glitch" is an intended feature, but it's nice to see that you like the character.
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Rather interesting idea of wanting to give Metal Sonic its own boss gameplay, complete with the side effects such as bumping using Jet Boost.
This character is much the opposite of the meme "the boss when you unlock him as a playable character"
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