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Decent Abilities 1.0

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Decent Abilities adds 6 new abilities, 1 for each character. The abilities are:

Sonic: The Uncurl Jump: Gives you an extra bit of height and momentum and uncurls Sonic when you press Custom 1 (Can't be used with the thok).

Tails: The Flight Jump: On the ground, press Custom 1 for a jump that sends you into a flight state (you can't actually fly).

Knuckles: The Downward Thrust: When you're gliding, press Custom 1 to go down faster (can be used multiple times).

Amy: The Slam Jump: Press Custom 1 when you finish her hammer attack to get a jump in the air (is not momentum based).

Fang: The Bounce Boost: When you land on his bounce, press Custom 1 to get a boost in your bounce.

Metal Sonic: The Jump Thrust: Press Jump once mid air to go into a spring state, then when you're falling, you can press jump again to be thrusted forward in boost mode. (Designed for MSADC(Metal Sonic Design Contest))
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The abilities aren't fun, or original, and have been recreated thousands, if not, millions of times. Sonic's ability is basically momentum flip in a nutshell, Tails's ability is basically a higher jump, but in a different state. The glide stomp is... i mean... it's a stomp, but when your gliding. Amy's ability... like i said, not original, but its also not fun, and is really buggy for me. And why do you have to do custom 1 to do almost every ability, when there is other keybinds, like knuckles stomp can be spin. And amy's can also be spin if your holding it on the last frame. Metal sonic's ability is a jump thok mixed with a float, which is okay, but i barely ever actually float when doing it, and just use a thok. I don't even know why metal has a thok anyway, cause metal's ability should be jump-thrust. The metal sonic ghost is only for one color, blue. and fang's bounce boost is overpowered. This mod has a lot of potential, but it missed. I forgot to say that the double jump can still hurt enemies yet you are uncurled.
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