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[Open Assets] Cosmetics v2.1

- Removed some hats
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Unreleased version which was worked on months ago, but I had neglected to upload it to the MB. Contains misc fixes and improvements.
Fixed a lua error
- Fixed a bug where player's chat messages would go through even if they were ignored using a separate lua script's ignore function
- Fixed a lua error when dying with a hat
- Added hat offset value for Adventure Sonic (it's not perfect, but his proportions are pretty unique so this is the best I can do lol)
- Fixed an issue where cosmetics.cfg wasn't loading on non-Windows platforms
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- cos_button now accepts "none" as a valid option
- Fixed a bug where skin offsets were not being applied to masks
- Adjusted the menu's hat display to be more accurate to how it looks in-game
- Menu button can be rebound using the console command cos_button.
- Added a console command to open the menu: "cosmetics"
- Adjusted hat offsets for some characters
- Fixed a bug where Espio's hat would not turn invisible when he used his BattleMod invisibility.
- Adjusted some of the menu visuals