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[Reusable] Cosmetics v2

This is pretty damn awesome, its funny to see amy die with the hl scientist sound lmao
You should probably mention the cos_button command on the description though, since im seeing people complain about the menu being with c1
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Yooo this is a very neat and awesome mod!
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with the recent update fixing the main issue that me and a good number of other had with this, i wholly cannot recommend this enough server owners and sound/hat creators go wild on this one!
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This is a great addition to any server, but my only problem is that the menu is mapped with C1, so i cant use this with modded characters.
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This addon is a nice addition to any server! It reminds me of the hats.wad for 2.1. My only gripe is the lack of setting the button to something like weapon 6 or something of the sorts. Otherwise I really enjoy this mod!
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Amazing addition to any server! :D
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while this is an awesome addition to a server, their is one thing from holding it back from being used in some servers and thats the fact the menu uses the C1 button as such it will be difficult for modded characters that uses custom buttons to use their abilities. though this is not the mod's nor the character that relies on the button's fault on this however. other than that. for servers that have only 2 button characters will certainly enjoy this one
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Awesome work! An awesome addition to any server!
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