Chuckles's 3d models

[Open Assets] Chuckles's 3d models v2

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3D models made by yours trulys Chuckles_troll

Bocchi-chan from shipak


Daroach from kelchars


more may come soon if i'm feeling motivated
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Chuckles troll
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  1. Bocchi-chan :DDD

    new model!! Here's hitori goto (bocchi-chan)

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good models but here's a story

i thought i saw chuckles once at in-n-out burger. he was standing a few people in front of me and i recognized him from the patch of hair he was missing. i tried calling out to him but the couple in front of me were talking about cristiano ronaldo. the guy kept mentioning how ronaldo can act cocky and arrogant because he has so much going for him but the girl wasn't having any of it. i tried to ignore them but they were so loud and the line was moving so slow. the guy behind me ended up getting involved in the conversation so they were talking back and forth over me for so long. finally i got to the counter and tried ordering my regular but the debit machines were down and i wasn't comfortable paying manual credit. by the time i realized it the guy i was looking for was gone anyways so i left and got a coffee at starbucks. the same couple were sitting down in the shop still talking about ronaldo. i don't know how they could talk about him for so long. i awkwardly said 'you too' to the cashier after she told me to enjoy my coffee. they put in too much cream and i couldn't taste the roast so i just threw it out after drinking half. i realized chuckles passed by me while i was throwing the coffee out so i called out to him but he turned around and it was a different guy entirely with the same patch of hair missing. i felt pretty embarrassed so i went home
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Very good looking model. Welcome to releases!
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