Bean the Dynamite explodes into SRB2!


While he can't jump on enemies to deal damage, he can use a variety of explosives such as bombs, or three bombs (whoa!) and propel himself using their explosions! These can be thrown on the ground or in the air by tapping spin, or by double jumping with a hard limit of 3 bombs, and can be detonated prematurely by double jumping while a bomb is still out on the field.


If you hold both jump & spin in the air, you will instead drop 3 bombs which can send you really far depending on how you time their detonation!


While his toolkit seems simple and fairly limited, it boasts a high skill ceiling, and mastering it will have even Sonic biting the dust!


- Credits -
Spritework: Terra, Phanthonas, DirkTheHusky, FlyingNosaj, chilistudios
Coding: Lat'
Moral support: TelosTurntable (and also the bomb sprite)
Special thanks to:
- Alice for assistance with the CSS art!
- Saneko/SanictheSanic for the signpost cleanup!
- The people who helped beta test and gave feedback, your time was invaluable and much appreciated!
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Latest reviews

Bean is an extremely fun character! With a simple to understand, yet hard to master moveset, flying through each stage as him feels super rewarding, not to mention entertaining. One of my staple mods whenever I host a netgame with my friends!
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Bean is an absolute chad of a simple character, 2 simple moves is all you get and is all you need. 10/10 mod, absolute perfection.
Upvote 3
feels as fun and chaotic as plague knight
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Very fun to play, and with momentum mods, it gets better! Of course, the bosses are somewhat hard but if the boss is not metal sonic, everything is fine
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i wish the Metal Sonic battle were much easier
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Simple, unique, and fun. :)
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Very fun to play as with a unique gameplay. He's my second main now just to Amy.
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A very fun and rewarding character with no complicated button inputs, I especially like his high skill celling with the bomb usage.
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I will never get bored of Bean, his ability is different from anyone else in SRB2, mastering and experimenting with it over time becomes so rewarding with the crazy amount of tech & speed run potential it has. Finding different strategies to blast through the levels as fast as you can adds so much replayability to him. Combat is really fun with him too once you get the hang of memorizing the speed you'll need for the throw distance you aim for. I'm glad to help with designing such an amazing character
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Alright i gotta say, it's awesome.
I love so much the spritework.
The gameplay is simply awesome for speedruns but... for bosses/enemies, it's kind of annoying.
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