Hey, you have anime characters in your kart racer and Lina was nowhere to be found! "What happened to Lina? Give Lina a vehicle to race in!" I'm sure you're all yelling this, right? So, for all of you in Lina withdrawal, here comes Lina Inverse for SRB2Kart! Riding the Mario Kart Wii motorbike from Leonguy, the sorcery genius takes advantage of the lighter motorbike with great speed. What does the motorbike have to do with magic and sorcery? Look, its a miracle that Lina has made it here in the first place! You can ask these questions later after she takes the first place podium finish.

Of course the spotlight for this update doesn't go to just Lina Inverse, there's updates for all characters in this update! Now every character features brand new wanted icons! Ash's Pikachu and Misty's Psyduck are no longer obscured by the rankings in the 'placing' icons. Misty also sports an updated signpost when she takes first place! Unless of course Lina gets there first, right?

While you're at it, why not check out Leonguy's motorbike template and characters?


Aiyah! Shampoo is here! Another one of Ranma's finces has entered the race. Presenting both girl-type and cat-type versions of the charcter, the pack also includes a 'cursed' version of the character where cold-water changes girl-type Shampoo to cat-type Shampoo. Both versions feature identical stats, leaving your choice of character to your preference. New lua options and information are available by typing "shampoo_help" in the console during gameplay.

In addition, the character pack now features lua and non-lua versions of the pack as well as individual characters and extras placed under one *.zip file.