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Modern Amy
BattleMod changelog
Ground Hammer and Twinspin range was reduced.
Hammer Spin takes 3 seconds to get dizzy instead of 5.
Strong Piko Wave was removed.
Can't Piko Wave while Hammer Spinning.
Persona Changelog
Learns Samarecarm at level 46 instead of level 68.
Learns Healing Arrows at level 18, Soothing Arrows at level 36, and Heartfelt Arrows at level 59.
Has a team attack with Cream, works for Advance Cream and S. Alt Cream in Persona.​
A few bugfixes for Modern Amy.
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Hey everyone, it's been 8 friggin months! To answer your questions, I am alive! Anyways, new update for Modern Amy, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it!

  • Amy gets knocked back when she rams into a wall while flying with Birdie at high speeds.​
  • Amy's hearts for her hammer attack and hammer spin have been tweaked.​
  • Alternate moveset Amy has a hammer bounce instead of the homing hearts.​
  • Amy's sprites have been remade entirely.​
  • Birdie now disappears when switching to another character in multiplayer.​
  • Fixed console warnings.​
  • Amy's hearts from her twinspin now acts like an insta-shield.​
  • Amy's Piko Smash was renamed to the Piko Grapple.
  • Amy's Piko Grapple has been given special effects and bug fixes.​
  • Removed holdhammer.​
  • "amyvoiceclips" was added as a console command, toggle it to hear her voice clips!​
  • Birdie has a necklace.​
  • Amy has proper A6/A7/A8 frames to prevent her warrior feather from flipping.​
  • Amy has SRB2 Persona support.​
  • Amy's BattleMod specials have changed.​
  • Amy has a victory pose when she finishes a level.​
  • Amy can dance by pressing custom 2, shake those maracas!​
  • Amy now gets carried by 3 flickies.​
  • Amy can carry other players in multiplayer with her Birdie flight.​
  • Amy can give other players a boost with her ground hammer attack.​
  • Added 3 new custom skincolors. (For SRB2 v2.2.5 and up)​
  • Slightly changed Amy's stats including her jump height and acceleration.​
  • Added Kirby support.​
  • The rest of the changelog is too much, so you'll have to find out the changes for yourself!

Modern Amy has recieved a new and less broken (hopefully) battle move, the piko scurry, and a new character select portrait! (Credit to SolarStellar for the new portrait)
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Added Cameo Amy and Mania Amy to the pack, all Amys are now seperated but grouped in one ZIP file.