Almost Software Shading

[Open Assets] Almost Software Shading v2.2.6

This is amazing! It's a perfect combination of what makes OpenGL and Software great. Definitely a must-have!
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hate you break it to you guys but as it turns out i really like ass
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I've got to say, I'm an A.S.S.-man
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i love this ass
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This addon is AMAZING! and really does what it says it does!

It is in fact ALMOST just like Software Mode, replicating the lighting and color changes within the environment.

I love the look of Software mode, and vastly prefer it to OpenGL. However, on weaker hardware you can essentially keep that Software look and higher performance. It is also compatible with 3D models.

This will not work on Android platforms. as of 2.2.9.
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very good 9/10
i really like it works very well
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I grew up on SRB2 in Software mode. I've migrated to OGL for fidelity reasons (less jittery, better performance, models), but this shader reintroduces the cute color crushing of Software.
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