I plan to update this once the vanilla palette is updated
I lied.
  • Hueshifting in red starts earlier
  • Light greys are subtly green, hueshifts to purple as tone gets darker
  • Slight tweaks to neon green
  • Sky blue subtly hueshifts to teal
  • Slate made slightly bluer
  • Subtly emphasised light hueshifting on blue, matches vanilla blue's tones better
  • Red shifted to be slightly cooler
  • Magenta ramp has slightly more contrast, main tone is no longer 0xFF00FF

  • New unused flash palettes:
    • Flash palette 7/14 is PVPalette
    • Flash palette 8/14 is an incredibly bad (unreleased (because it is bad)) palette i made a long time ago
    • Flash palette 9/14 is filtered red, like the virtual boy
    • Flash palette 10/14 is hueshifted 180 degrees
    • Flash palette 11/14 is FLASHBANG
    • Flash palette 12/14 is sepia tone
    • Flash palette 13/14 looks kinda like you're underwater
    • Flash palette 14/14 is the normal palette physically rotated 180 degrees
Recalculated the translucency mapping, based around Again's palette instead of the vanilla palette. This will make colour blending look slightly nicer in the Software renderer. OpenGL is unaffected, and actually was never affected by the translucency mapping since it calculates colour blending at runtime instead of referring to precalculated values.

Regarding the future of this mod: I plan to update this once the vanilla palette is updated. I predict this will occur with the release of either 2.2.11 or 2.3. In the case of the latter, I am okay with waiting that long. When this happens, Again will be updated to version number 2.0 and all colour ramps will be reviewed and updated to reflect my current usage of colour in art and graphic design.