When did Robohoods get that ID?! From now on, Robohoods no longer spawn counterfeit SA-Emblems.

Part of me wants to keep it in someway as a secret feature, but hey, v2 is always going to be in that history tab if you want it!
Welp! SRB2 stopped being so stuck up and finally allowed emblem-hunting in multiplayer officially, so Adventure Emblems had to be cooler yet to stand out. This also fixes a few rare issues



-UDMF support added!
-Support for newer style emblems like the ones in the OLDCs.
-You're now told how many emblems are in the stage, and also how many are remaining! Get all emblems in a map for an applause!
-Emblems are now given a number by the order WITHIN the map, rather than by what emblem number the mapper gave. (This is why in some maps you got messages like "Player grabbed emblem 3001!" )
-Better code, improving performance and removing the need for a MAINCFG.
-Mostly importantly, added fancy sparkles upon emblem collection!

-Added SAemblems command that can toggle the mod on or off on the fly!

-Fixed issue where the SA-emblem became subject to mapthing limitations.
-Emblem can now flip properly along side the original emblem
-Fixed an issue with some emblem-modifying mods where the original emblem still appeared.