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Abstraction Pack 3.7b

Welcome to 3.7a part 2, it's been a while. It will be some time before I can make a major update so I wanted to get these critical fixes out of the way for now.

Windy Valley
  • The performance heavily optimized; the paper sprite fans were dragging performance down. Special thanks to Ashnal for helping me with this.
  • Removed physics on the wavy road in the Autodemo Section.
  • Resolved a thing conflict with Excitebike Arena.
Forbidden Monolith and Cosmic Rift Classic received minor fixes.
Flesh Eden
  • Remembered to remove the old SOC which was causing issues. Hopefully the Lua will actually make the stage playable in multiplayer.
  • Infinite Flesh Paradise was introduced in 3.7. It is a mode representative of the bad ending which gives EVERY stage a Flesh Paradise skin. Lose to the boss for a sample or use infiniteparadise 1 for unlimited meat. Special thanks to Altiami for letting me use their GFZROCK.pk3 linedef blacklist for my similar project.
This is a small patch to resolve Flesh Eden not ending the stage on failure and removing several of the whirligigs from Windy Valley to greatly improve performance.
Windy Valley.png

This update introduces a multitude of general changes, an upgrade to lua, a new stage and stability revisions for Flesh Eden. KL_AbsP-ParadiseIllusion-v1 is no longer needed.


Empty Sanctum:
  • Bridged the spring corkscrew.
  • Greatly widened the cave U-Turn.
  • Changed the sky number to prevent conflicts with Weapons Hangar. Pale Shrine is the only other stage to use this sky and it has not been forgotten about.

Bio Satellite:
  • Fixed OpenGL rendering error with a laser at the start of the map.
  • Adjusted the first shortcut to not launch a player as high in the air.

Cosmic Rift:
  • Patched an exploit.
  • The shortcut is dead, long live the shortcut.

Sublime Bastion:
  • The fading effect is now lua based, which greatly reduces the FOFs in the stage and hopefully resolves some midgame sync errors.
  • Widened the straightaway after the first jump.

Motherlode Canyon:
  • The stage now occupies MAPZN.
  • Fixed a node building error.

Evaluation Summit:
  • Fixed some checkpoint errors.
  • Made the second sneaker panel an invisible FOF to prevent driving over it.
  • Made the forested area a death pit.

Malicious Metropolis:
  • Random Shadows have been dummied and their effects are now sector based. Hopefully this prevents random explosions in the map.
  • Made the first jump slightly less extreme.

Flesh Paradise:
  • Paradise Illusion has more parameters:
    • 2/Never: The alternate mode never exists. This is the default.
    • 3/Always: The alternate mode is the only one.
    • 1/On or 0/Off can no longer be played in encore mode due to issues with removing the encore palette for the stage. The alternate form will load in normal mode if encore is set.

Flesh Eden:
  • The boss was reworked in lua to (hopefully) resolve crashing issues. Please let me know if the stage still crashes on dedicated servers.
  • There is now a health bar to indicate HP left, time before a path opens/how long it will remain open, and time until failure.
  • Lightning shields now autodetonate near the core. Manual detonation has a slightly higher range, however.
  • Picking up an orb with a lightning shield will now detonate it. Picking up a lightning shield with a hyuudoro will give who the invisibility effect.
  • Missiles will automatically crash down at the edge of the arena.
  • You will no longer respawn over despawned roads with kmp_respawn enabled. Credit to JugadorXEI for letting me use their script.

Cosmic Rift Classic
  • Added FoFs under the road to prevent thrown objects from phasing through them.