Nothing much to report, a potential softlock involving the lava at the end of RVZ has been fixed and a goof-up involving the wrong type of fire has been fixed in CEZ2. The main focus of this update, however, is 2.1Knuckles! Now he glides and slides as he's supposed to and no longer has any weird 'landing' behavior! Shoutouts to not only the UglyKnux team(who created the code necessary for this overhaul) but also to little guy*, the creator of Nochuckles(A sick 2.0 Knuckles port, please check it out.) Without them, this update wouldn't have been possible.


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I couldn't help but notice a few issues reported after the last update's launch, so I come with some small but important fixes:
  • Tweaked lava in other levels now.
  • Fixed a bug where players could get softlocked in the 2D section of Egg Rock Zone 2.
  • Fixed some texture offsets in Arid Canyon.
  • Rose the emerald token on the lower path a bit in Techno Hill Zone 1.


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So... Been a while, hasn't it? Don't worry, I haven't given up on this pack just yet! This just took some time to cook up. Most of the stuff that's here is from SRB2: The Past, but we aren't full-on replacing our ports with theirs. That said, some changes requested for a while are now here!
  • Finally patched up that weird bit of level poking out at the beginning of Arid Canyon Zone 1. Sorry if that confused you.
  • Introduced 2.1 monitors! They're not too different aesthetically from 2.2, but they're simply for authenticity at this point. They also work with ultimate mode so if you're feeling risky, go ahead!
  • Against my better judgement, added the old sign. No more spinning up into the air here, folks.
  • Tweaked how lava works in Red Volcano Zone(Rings no longer get eaten up, you can go through lava like it's a liquid, etc.)
  • Removed a bunch of old sound effects. Everything works with the base game sounds as is and they were simply taking up space at this point, anyway.
  • Brought back a certain easter egg in a watery temple.
  • Sped up all the zoom tubes in Egg Rock Zone 2 to how they should be.
  • Totally legitimately fixed the bug where Metal Sonic's boss music didn't trigger for other players in multiplayer.
  • Made gargoyles and bushes separate objects. Gargoyles are especially noteworthy as they now have full compatibility for making Azure Temple Zone still work!
  • ..and finally introduced Old Underwater mines! And yes, they're immune to being squished, unlike those discount mines we had to use earlier.
Before I end this off, I have one more thing I would like to add. Something I wanted to add from the very beginning, but couldn't figure out how to up until now..
  • Introduced CobaltBW/Clairebun's old 2.1 remade music pack as an optional music pack addon. For those dedicated to how the game's soundtrack has evolved over the years! Just make sure to add the music AFTER loading the pack.


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Another small update this time. Not in the mood to release something bigger just yet so take this for now!
  • Hopefully finally addressed the music not playing for everyone in Metal Sonic's stage.
  • Gave a small fix to 2.1Knux. Again, totally free to make him far better if you want to.
Been a while, huh? Despite me now being busy with college work, that doesn't mean I'm not working on this. Still, nothing big this time around.
  • Updated the maces to their latest version to keep it current. notify me if any bugs occur because of this.
  • Attempted to improve upon 2.1Knuckles' code. The key word being "attempted". Shoutouts to Boi for offering to help out. 👍
That's basically all there is. Have fun folks!
So I did yet another goof up. In my haste to update the files, I forgot to update Black Eggman's object id. In other words, I accidently made the final boss of the game unbeatable because he doesn't show up at all. Oops. But hey, at least 2.1Knuckles has SPRTINFO, so this update isn't completely meaningless.
Turns out I forgor 2.1Knuckles in the download. oopsie. Might as well put SSNSonic and SSNTails back in as well.
So I got a few comments about CEZ having a few frame drops. At first I thought it was just nothing.. until I realized I wasn't using the latest version of the maces and chains system. This makes it so the maces only appear when a player is nearby, so hopefully that fixes the issue. Other miscellaneous things are:
* Removed some invisible barriers around a few spikes.
* Also updated the bosses so they should be their current versions from the Retro bosses port.
* Fixed a ceiling texture in CFZ.
And of course, introducing... 2.1 Knuckles!

He's not perfect, but I figured he was presentable enough to be included with this. If anyone is willing to make his physics anymore accurate than what I've attempted to do, be my guest! I'm not really much of a coder, as much as I hate to admit it..😅 Still, shoutouts to my friend A'Dilla for doing both NiGHTS sprites and continue sprites!

Finally got around to making CEZ a vast improvement.
* The chains and maces are now their 2.1 variants.
* Last update mentioned it as well but saying it again: Egg Guards are no longer stupid when it comes to multiplayer. Errors should be gone now.
* Knuckles path in CEZ1 no longer has maces in it, to make it more accurate to later iterations of 2.1.
* Did a small bit of clean up and deleted some unnecessary stuff to try and make the file smaller, even if just by a little bit. I'll have to look into that more.
* Tokens should no longer flicker in sprite form.
* Improved the way classic cacti are defined, to better lump them in with how I handle other retro decorations. Don't be afraid to use them for your own levels!

Basically about it. :knuxsmug:
So I finally found a way to fix the Egg Guard's errors in Multiplayer. Technically counts as improving on Castle Eggman, right..?

In all seriousness, thanks to Jon for figuring that out. Next update I promise will focus solely on the level itself.