Can't have a patch without it breaking and needing another patch, heh!
This patch fixes controller issues introduced in 1.3.4 with the usage of input hooks.

    • Fixed Controllers not working on menus anymore as of 1.3.4
    • Fixed tutorial Amy having missing sprites
    • Fixed an issue where the new redefinition of freeslot didn't return values, breaking the few mods that make use of such return values.

Full installer provided here if you don't already have Vanilla SRB2
(File wouldn't upload despite being under the upload limit?)
Hey everyone!
Here's a patch with several major fixes, most notably huge performance improvements.
If you ever had performance issues, they should be gone in this patch!

There are no significant new gameplay additions.

    • SRB2P's EXE has been updated to 2.2.10's codebase which includes all of its features & improvements.
    • Massive performance improvements accross the board.
    • Blaze's sprites & other visuals have been updated to use Inazuma's newly released Blaze.
    • You can now check a Weapon's Skill Slot regardless of enhancement level. The Skill Slot itself is still only active at enhancement level +10.
    • You can now check Subpersonas' Skill descriptions by pressing C in the Sub-Persona menu out of battle.
    • New Skills 'Gry', 'Gryva' and 'Grydyne' (and their multi-target variants) have been added to the Velvet Shop as Skill Cards.
    • New Enemy-exclusive Skill 'Black Viper' has been added
    • Enemies may now use healing and stat normalization Skills properly.
    • There are now variations of the drop animation for 6 and 7 stars items to make it easier to identify them without needing to open the menu.
  • FIXES:
    • Fixed Normalized inputs (Arrow keys/Enter) dropping if the framerate was unstable.
    • Added failsafes to ensure that lingering Garuverse particles despawn when battles are over.
    • Fixed issues with battle entity animations such as getting up after every hit despite being down.
    • Fixed an issue where the accuracy of Instant Kills were not being checked when replacing skills in Rogue Mode, leading to Mudo potentially be replaced by Samsara among other things...
    • Fixed an issue where Rogue mode could lead to enemies using other Normal Attacks as Skills.
    • Fixed an issue where only Shoes, Monitors and Knuckles could be made into Nihil Weapons.
    • Fixed an issue where the affinity helpers would use the default element of your Normal Attack instead of the one from your Elemental Weapon when selecting targets for Auto-Attacks, displaying false information.
    • Fixed several Status passives acting on the wrong status.
    • Fixed 'PSV_COND_RESIST' not having any effect on skills that only inflicted statuses and no damage.
    • Fixed the visual effect on Hunger not displaying
    • Fixed 'Void Strike''s key being mislabelled as 'reseist strike', which was not only wrong but also a funny typo...
    • Fixed an issue where enemies were unable to use healing Skills.
    • Fixed an issue where SRB2P Modding Hooks would fail to receive multiple arguments making a fair deal of them unusable.
    • Fixed an issue where the ceiling height couldn't be changed in Custom Dungeons.
    • Added field 'norogue' to attackDefs which disables the skill from being obtained randomly in Rogue Mode.
    • Added field 'noenemycast' to attackDefs which prevents the skill from being used by enemies using the generic thinker.
    • Added several error messages for missing properties when obtaining Skill Cards & Sub-Personas among other things.
    • Added several new voicelines that only play during Tartarus.
    • Added HUD toggles for Vanilla HUD elements.
    • Vanilla characters now use 'SPR2_CSMN' for 'anim_evoker' instead of 'SPR_CSMN'
    • 'anim_stand_hurt' can now be used. This animation loops but does not go to 'anim_stand_bored'.
    • 'anim_evoker_shoot' now functions and can be used. This animation does not loop.
    • Added 'hudscutin' in charStats which allows using a specific cut-in while in Super Form.
    • Added 'persona_pvp' in charStats which allows setting a Persona for use specifically in PVP to allow for greater balance.
    • Added new debug commands: 'd_sethp', 'd_sethp%', 'd_setsp', 'd_setsp%', 'd_setstatus', 'd_setfield', 'd_setholdup'. Type with no arguments for syntax.
    • Deprecated cost type 'CST_SPU' has been replaced by 'CST_SPPERCENT' which consumes a percentage of max SP.
    • Offensive Skills that use 'CST_EP' now use the user's highest offensive stat instead of always using Magic.
    • Custom characters can no longer have more than 8 Skills upon starting a new game.
NOTE: Changes to modding functions and enemy/item/skill tables will be reflected in the Modding Documentation at a later date.

Going forward, Mirror Links (Dropbox/GDrive) will be discontinued, download from the Thread's Download button.
Links for Linux/Mac builds will still be on the OP.

Story mode is still progressing slowly, this patch looks like it is a setback in terms of time investment but these fixes were much needed either way, so no time was truly wasted!
I sincerely doubt anything will be out this year but I hope to have some progress to show before the end of the year.... You know how it is with these almost-one-man big projects, heh!

Hi everyone!
Here's a very late christmas present from me in the form of a small update for SRB2P.
Under the tree this time... A few balance changes, a few new things and a ton of bugifxes as usual... Let's cut to the chase...

  • FILES:
    • I am no longer using the MB to upload the files as the need to separate some files due to filesize limitations created confusion among newer players. Please check the information on the OP.

    • Knuckles
      • Base Agility: 7 -> 8
      • Base Magic: 7 -> 6
      • No longer learns the Mazio line of skills.
      • Now learns Dekaja at Lv18
    • Blaze
      • Base Agility: 7 -> 8
      • Base Magic: 12 -> 11
      • Now learns Niflheim (replaces Bufudyne) at Lv75.
    • Amy
      • Now learns Samarecarm (Replaces Recarm) at Lv49
      • Now learns Panta Rhei (Replaces Garudyne) at Lv81
    • Silver
      • Now learns Psycho Force (replaces Psiodyne) at Lv77

    • All weapons have received significant improvement to their stat boosts, some have received penalties, too.
    • All weapons Skill Slots were improved, defensive Skill Slots especially are now much stronger to justify the loss in damage output.
    • Weapons no longer share a common 95% accuracy stat.

    • The Garu line of Skills have had their base SP cost decreased from 4 to 3 as they do not inflict status conditions.
      • Garu: 4SP -> 3SP
      • Magaru & Garula: 8SP -> 6SP
      • Magarula & Garudyne: 12SP -> 9SP
      • Magarudyne: 18SP
    • The Kouha and Eiha lines of Skills have had their powers increased as they do not inflict status conditions and do not have severe damaging Skills.
      • (Ma)Kouha / (Ma)Eiha power: 60 -> 75
      • (Ma)Kouga / (Ma)Eiga power: 140 -> 170
      • (Ma)Kougaon / (Ma)Eigaon power: 350 -> 400
    • Teardrop/Moondrop/Stardrop
      • On hit, drops Defence by 1 stage -> On hit, drops Defence by 2 stages
      • Base accuracy: 90 -> 100
    • Tentarafoo: Accuracy: 40 -> 60
    • Die For Me!: New animation courtesy of HeliusUniverse
    • Trisagion and Megidolaon now have shorter animations
    • New skills!
      • Psycho Force: Severe Psy Damage to 1 enemy. (Animation courtesy of GlitchedPhoenix)
      • Atomic Flare: Severe Nuke Damage to 1 enemy.
      • Firm Stance: Halves damage taken, but unable to evade.
    • New "Implicit Skill" system for modding
      • Setting the 'implicit' field of a Skill to another skill name will add both (or more) skills at once to the player.
      • This can be used to create passive skills with varying effects, or even give multiple offensive skills in 1!
    • Skills are now automatically sorted by power and type.
    • When leveling up, the cursor will (if possible) default to the skill that would've been forgotten by default when starting a game at a higher level.
    • You can now see the type icon of the next Skill you will learn.
    • You can now see the equipped Skill Card of a party member on their status screen.

    • In dungeons, Shadows will no longer fall in pits on their own. This does not apply when they're pursuing you.
    • The Reaper now has a different timer depending on the block,
      • The Reaper now only spawns from the Arqa block (Block 2) onwards, starting at a 9 minutes appearance timer which decreases by 1 minute with a minimum of 7 for each subsequent block.
    • Fog Shadows are now slightly more common
    • Marathon Final Boss:
      • HP was increased for all phases
      • Now has elemental boost passive skills
    • Monad Final Boss:
      • HP was increased
      • Now has a cut-in.
  • MISC:
    • When trying to select NEW GAME or LOAD GAME, a message will be displayed telling the player to use Quickplay instead to prevent confusion with new players.
    • The turntimer console variables now defaults to 0 (disabled)
    • The d_repaer and d_reapertimer console variables have been removed as they conflict with the intended experience.
    • Fixed the Equipment Fusion menu erroring if you were using a character that could equip multiple weapon types.
    • Fixed the 'noreaper' option not working for Custom Dungeons
    • Fixed a HOM in the Thebel Arena skybox, as well as a few other artifacts.
    • Fixed the game not keeping track of some completion data
    • Fixed being able to buy items without having enough Macca by waiting on the confirmation prompt and confirming later on. You can't scam Alt, she's the one supposed to scam you!
    • Fixed a few HUD elements being misaligned in non-green resolutions.
    • Fixed Blaze and Metal Sonic's portraits having holes.

Windows (1.3.3):

    • MIRROR 1 | MIRROR 2 - Self extracting archive.
      • NOTES:
      • The extractor is in French, but there's like 3 buttons surely you can deal with it...
      • The extractor automatically creates an SRB2Persona folder in the destination.
  • If you already have VANILLA SRB2:
  • (PATCH) If you already have SRB2P v1.3.2:

With that, I bid thee all a Happy New Year in advance because I'm definitely not posting anything here until then!
Small update to fix a couple more bugs
(I forgot to include the dll file in the thread archives; get them here if you don't have them: (These links link the file available in the Dropbox/GDrive mirrors)
DLL link
DLL link (Mirror)

  • When inflicted with Rage, bosses no longer get an Endurance penalty to prevent Rage from being too powerful.
  • Balance changes to the final unlockable Vision Quest
  • You now start with 20 Dekunda Gems, 20 Dekaja Gems, 5 Patra Gems, 5 1UPs and 3 Super 1UPs
  • BATKAN!!'s HP was lowered from 99,999 to 80,000. All other stats were reduced slightly as well.
  • Master of Teddehs can only act once per turn.
  • Changes to some Skills used by the bosses:
    • Kannon:
      • Power: 3,000 -> 1,800
      • Critical Rate: 20% -> 5%
    • Physical Fitness
      • Power 3 (1,845 when facting all 25 hits) -> 2 (1,250)
      • Accuracy: Can't miss -> 80% / hit
    • Hyper BATKAN Buster!!!
      • Prevents the user from having a 2nd turn.
    • Concentrated Trigonometry
      • Power: 2,250 -> 1,550

  • Fixed a bug where enemies inflicted with the Rage status and a defence debuff could end up with negative Endurance leading to dealing 0 damage to the enemy.
  • Fixed being unable to create Nihil Guns in the Equipment Lab while using custom characters who used Guns as weapon types.
  • Fixed elemental affinities being set to the wrong values in the Monad Final Boss when shifting phases.
  • Fixed a slight typo on Backup Trick's description.
Accidentally uploaded the wrong Full Download version in the threads download and it's impossible to rectify this without posting an "update"

If you downloaded the full game via the thread download before this hotfix went alive (the version number on the title screen would read '1.3.0', please download the patch (No need to redownload the whole game) and replace the affected files.
Sorry for the inconvenience!
Hi hi, small patch to fix a few tiny bugs that slipped through the cracks!
Alongside said patch, I'd like to announce that the SRB2P v1.3 Modding Documentation is now also available, so go on and create your new unique mods! Do remember that we have a Discord Server in which you can discuss and get help for modding!

Okay, enough rambling, patch notes...

  • Added new customization option for Custom Dungeons
    • Ceiling / Wall height, custom shadow sprites, ability to set Max EP
  • These changes are reflected in the newly updated Modding Documentation

  • A few enemies in the Monad block have had their offensive stats reduced slightly.
  • The Natural Order Vision Quest now has 5 Homunculi instead of 2.

  • Fixed a typo on the Skill Evade Psy which caused it to be unobtainable via Shuffle Time and would instead yield an unusable Invalid Skill.
  • Fixed a typo in Metal Sonic's animation definitions which caused him not to use the proper animation when using his Melee attack
  • Fixed an oversight where items would always spawn after reloading a Marathon mode save, allowing you to endlessly farm the boss room. No items will spawn after loading a save now, whether or not they were collected before saving.
    • The potential gain from exploiting this far outweighs the loss of 3 item boxes you'll find on the next floor anyway.
  • Fixed a bug where Guarding when under the effect of certain Status Condition would cause a warning
  • Fixed a bug where returning to lobby during a Marathon Mode block transition and going back into a game would carry over the Block transition and its benefits to the new session.
It's been nearly a year, hasn't it? Sounds like a good time for an update!
SRB2P v1.3 will be available in 0 seconds, have fun!

The download is available in the OP

I'd like to apologize for the time it took to get that update out, despite the time it took, this update does not add much new content, but mostly aims to refine the existing content to bring you the definitive multiplayer experience that I wanted to have on the first release. The next major release will focus entierely towards the Singleplayer story mode. ...Whenever that happens!
Alright, fine, I've rambled long enough, you want the changelog don't you, mh? Well aren't you in for a treat...

  • Rogue Mode: Explore Tartarus with stronger enemies that randomize their affinities and attacks accordingly!
  • Marathon Mode: Explore Tartarus from bottom to top, locked into Rogue Mode for an added spice! Use the save points after each boss to take a break between sessions and see what awaits you at the top...
  • Monad Block: BLOCK 7: Accessible to those who have conquered the halls of Adamah, Monad is only accessible in Rogue Mode... This will be the toughest challenge for you to face yet!
  • Void Run: An alternative take on the SRB2P gameplay loop; start with nothing and make your way through various challenges by rather unconventional means! ...Only the most adapatable will survive until the end!
  • PVP: Random Skills!: If you ever thought PvP was unbalanced, wait until you try this! Roll the dice and see what weird combination of skills you'll get to bully your friends with!
  • PVP: Boss Mode!: Even worse, what if a player could take control of a boss and you had to fight them? Balanced? Nah. Hilarious? You bet!

  • In the Thebel Block, you now start at Lv1 instead of 10. Enemies were adjusted to compensate
  • In the Arqa Block, you now start at Lv10 instead of 15. Enemies were adjusted to compensate
  • Past the Thebel block, Tartarus' weird properties can cause floors to be affected in various ways... Both beneficial or hindering...
  • Rare Golden Shadows can sometimes appear in Tartarus' halls... Defeating them might prove troublesome at first, but they can yield rare items...
  • Pesky spikes now litter the floor of Tartarus... You'll have to use your abilities to overcome them by either going above or through them!
  • Weird flashing switches have appeared in Tartarus... They seem to control gates that block items or sometimes even your progress!

  • Equipment items (Weapons & Wardrings) can now be obtained!
    • Weapons determine the strength of your basic attack as well as the All-Out Attack. They can also give passive combat stats!
    • Wardrings increase your defence against all attacks. They can also give HP and/or SP passively!
  • Brand new redesigned inventory system! Everything is now all neatly organized for your convenience!
  • Rarity: Each item now has a star rarity rating, this is helpful to know how strong your stuff is, but also helps sort your inventory!
  • Each enemy you kill now has an individual chance to drop one or multiple items, you no longer drop 1 item per battle!

  • On each boss floor, the Velvet Room door will allow you to access either the Shop or the Equipment Lab, both held by your lovely [citation needed] attendant, Alt!
  • Purchase or Sell goods such as convenience items, Weapons, Wardrings, Skill Cards or even Sub-Personas at the Velvet Shop in exchange of Macca you obtain by battling!
  • Strenghten your equipment using material items you found, or create new ones using Sub-Personas in the Equipment Lab!

  • Each character has received a rebalancing to make them all worth playing complete with their own fully unique skill only them can get!
  • Sonic
    • Weakness: Curse -> Weakness: Psy
    • (Ma)Makanda -> (Ma)Sukukaja
    • New skills: Flame Link and Link passives
  • Tails
    • (Ma)Makakaja -> (Ma)Makanda
  • Knuckles
    • New skills: Teardrop, Moondrop, Stardrop
    • No longer learns Marakunda, Masukunda
  • Amy Rose
    • New skill: Garuverse (Deploys a field on enemies that heals 75% of damage dealt as HP)
  • Shadow
    • New skills: Perfect Keeper I and Perfect Keeper II (Scales damage depending on your HP)
  • Metal Sonic
    • No longer resists Strike and Slash
    • No longer weak to Bless
    • No longer learns (Ma)Rakukaja and (Ma)Sukukaja
    • New skill: Swordbreaker (20% chance to halve physical damage dealt to the party)
    • Now learns Pierce skills instead of Strike skills for single target
  • Blaze
    • No longer learns Marin Karin and Mind Charge
    • New skill: Impure Reach (Greatly increases odds of inflicting Status Conditions)
    • New skill: Merciless Slayer (Raises damage by 30% against enemies inflicted with Status Conditions)
  • Silver
    • HP increased slightly
    • Spirit Drain and Spirit Leech can no longer be used if your SP is full
  • Dr. Eggman
    • No longer learns Mamudo(on)
    • Now learns (Ma)Rakunda
    • New skill: Backup Trick (Failing a Death-based instant kill has a chance to inflict Hex on the enemy instead)
    • New skill: Life Siphoon (Drains a great deal of HP from 1 enemy)
  • Status Conditions can now be inflicted on bosses
    • Bosses will build a passive resistance to Status Conditions if they get inflicted with them repeatedly.
  • Status conditions were altered: (OLD BEHAVIOUR -> NEW BEHAVIOUR)
    • Burn:
      • Lose 10% HP / turn-> Lose 5% HP / turn
      • Damage taken increases by 15%
    • Poison:
      • Lose 10% HP / turn -> Lose 5% HP / turn
      • Damage dealt decreases by 50% -> Damage dealt decreases by 15%
    • Freeze:
      • Skip your turn -> You will always act last
      • The freeze is no longer broken if you take damage
    • Fear -> Hex:
      • Now called "Hex"
      • 50% chance to skip your turn -> 50% of the damage you deal is dealt back to you
    • Brainwash:
      • Makes the game break -> Actually works now!
      • Only lasts 1 turn, but only goes away at the start of the next turn to prevent Brainwash locks.
    • Despair:
      • Lose 10% SP / turn -> Lose 5% SP / turn
      • Now goes away when you reach 1 SP
  • Stats are no longer random on level up
  • Character base stats have been increased by 3 accross the board
  • Tough bosses can now act twice per turn
  • Shuffle Time cards are now numbered by level
  • The Blue Cup and Purple Cup cards were merged into the Suit of Cup which restores both HP and SP.
  • The Suit of Coins card was added, it increases Macca earned
  • You can now press A to select a card and end Shuffle Time earlier
  • A bunch of new skills were added! ...But I'm not gonna list them all because it's too much.
  • You can now equip Sub-Personas on party members properly outside of battle, now

QOL, Performance... etc
  • Greatly improved performance of the text rendering function
  • Switching renderers mid-game should now work properly
  • Various netgame stability improvements (Don't expect it to work flawlessly....)

  • Custom dungeons: Create your own randomly generated dungeon in the style of Tartarus! Complete with custom enemy and item pools, and even a custom shop for instance
  • A few Hooks in the same style as SRB2's were added to help create new behaviours in battle and the likes.
  • The event system now actually works accross multiple parties, it's now safe to have cutscenes mid-battle in your mods!
    • The modding documentation will take a while to be ready, sample wads are readily available on the SRB2P Discord server for the time being.
    • More modding features were planned (Custom Dungeon map editor...) but had to be put off for the time being due to time constraints, they may be added at a later date in a patch. I apologize for the inconvenience.