What's your least favourite level(s)?

if i had to choose between any of the levels in the vanilla game that i don't enjoy i'd probably have to go with castle eggman act 1, which is kinda weird because i remember being really hyped about it when it was first announced to be getting a remake
If we are talking about Vanilla acts, I'll go with Castle Eggman Act 2.
It is not a bad level, nor is it a hard one, but i find it to be pretty boring and blend looking.
compare to all the others zones that feel more colorful and open, this one looks really dark and feels like I'm locked, which while does fit a zone named after Eggman, i still don't like how it looks.
Plus, i am not a fan of all the jumps you need to do with those chains that send you upwards, like the one right near the end of the level, it feels like it stops me in my tracks.
i got a (somewhat short) list of my least favorite srb2 levels i can do here

. deep sea zone 2 (mainly cause some areas i think are a bit too dark underwater)
. castle eggman 2 (mainly due to it being way too long for me personally)
. black core 1 (personally.... i dont think it needed to be a race with metal sonic tbh... not that its a bad idea or anything.... thats just my opinion!)
Most of the post-game content. Haunted Heights and Frozen Hillslide are the only stand out ones. The other are not bad, But considering they weren't updated for 2.2, Their level design is a bit bland and archaic. The challenge levels suffer the most from this, With Aerial Garden and it's spam of Bumblebores and nothing else, Or Azure Temple and being completely underwater and full of fire spitting gargoyles.
The worst SRB2 level I've ever played has got to be the 1998-1999 era Deep Sea Zone Act 2 (the one in "Beta Quest" in SRB2 The Past). It's an incomprehensible maze of similar-looking rooms covered in near-total darkness. It manages to feel even more claustrophobic and maze-like than Mine Maze, and it's even less fun. At least Mine Maze has some cool setpieces. Similarly, the DSZ Act 1 of the same era has some rooms that are somewhat memorable (if only because they remain even in the 2.2 versions of the levels), but Act 2 just has all the problems of Act 1 and none of the decent stuff.

It's kinda cheating to pick a level like that, though, since it's just an extremely unfinished prototype that wasn't intended to be released as-is. It's like rating a bowl of cake batter someone left on the kitchen counter as if it were a finished cake.

That said, if you ignore the historical context for a moment and view the level as-is, I think Act 2 is quite useful as an example of how not to design an SRB2 level. It's not ultra-difficult, nor is it comically easy. But it is just hard enough and complex enough to require you to pay attention, while also being too confusing to comprehend and too bland to be interesting. And even if you know exactly where to go, the platforming feels clunky and unsuited to the camera and controls. Some levels become more fun as you get better at them, but this level just goes from mostly confusing to mostly boring.

As for what could be done to improve the level... well, there's really nothing to say, because that problem was already solved over a decade ago with 2.0 Deep Sea... and then solved better in 2.2.
idk, they are all good, but i would say techno hill, the slime and the mosquitoes badnikes are anoying as hell. Also act 2 is visually disapoiting, where in act 1 you had a greenflower more technolized and fade of any real nature, here the act 2 is just chemical plant.

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