What's your least favourite level(s)?

oh shit marisa

anyways pretty much every challenge level besides haunted heights

AGZ and ATZ both are unreasonable, AGZ cuz it's long and has tricky platforming, ATZ because it's all underwater and is overall BRUTAL, no matter who I pick I can't hit the goal without suffering a game over
deep sea..... the water levels are always the worst ones. besides that egg rock has some rage with it and.... IM GONNA KILL WHOEVER MADE THAT METAL SONIC BOSS FIGHT
Castle Eggman Zone, BY FAR..the level design is so confusing and can make the worst Sonic game look like Super Mario Odyssey!
In the main campaign, and excluding boss levels, my least favorite used to be Red Volcano Zone. But as I've gotten better at the game, that level has become more and more fun. In fact, most of the levels have become more fun as I've gotten better at the game. Castle Eggman Act 2 in particular has really gone up in my rankings... once you really understand the mechanics and physics of the game, CEZ Act 2 transforms from a cruel gauntlet into an exciting playground.

As of right now, my least favorite standard act is probably one of the Egg Rock acts. There are some sections that still feel just a little too hard, with no alternative route available at the time you get there. Specifically, I'm thinking of the rapid crusher hallway (that Tails and Knuckles can skip) in Act 1 and the disappearing platforms section near the end of Act 2. I think Egg Rock could use a few more branching paths accessible to Sonic.

As for boss levels, my favorite is probably Black Core Act 1 (I failed it several dozen times in my first playthrough, but it's pretty fun to replay), and my least favorite is probably the Arid Canyon boss fight (it feels a bit too unpredictable and a bit too wait-centric).

Including all levels in the unmodded game, my least favorite has got to be either Aerial Garden or Azure Temple, though I only played the latter once, so I'm not sure how I'd rank the two in comparison to each other.
My favorites from best to worst is 1. Greenflower Zone, 2. Deep Sea Zone, 3. Arid Canyon Zone, 4. Techno Hill Zone, 5. Castle Eggman Zone, and the rest are at the bottom since i never played the rest..
For some reason, Techno Hill seems like a bore for me.
However, I wanna say I like either AGZ(surprisingly), ERZ(m e c h a n i c s), or DSZ(level and music design) the most.
I completely forgot about azure temple. Didn't Evan bother finishing it!
i think arid canyon 1 is one of my favorite levels!

anyways um, i don't really like the 2 final levels before the metal sonic race (can't even remember their names, was it egg rock? core something? ughh)
Techno Legacy, mainly because it feels like a massive slap in the face after reaching the 100 emblem requirement.

I guess Azure Temple also sucks too, but at least it feels rewarding to beat it.
I'm not a fan of Egg Rock Zone in particular. It feels dated in comparison to the rest of the campaign. Which makes perfect sense, I suppose, but it's one of the main reasons I'm looking forward to 2.3.

It's got a lot of cool ideas, though, such as the space suffocation that subverts the trope of "Sonic can breathe in space". Love that.
Honestly as much as I like Egg Rock Zone, it is definitely the worst for me and that's really only because it feels out of place compare to the rest of the game. In terms of the extras, Techno Legacy is terrible for a emblem award, and Azure Temple is still a chore to go through to this day.
Personally, I feel like all of my playthroughs get a bit boring once I get to Techno Hill Zone Act 2. I don't know what it is specifically about this level because the music is pretty good, I just do not enjoy this level at all lol

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