What's your favorite SRB2MB style?


That ruby colored Fang
Theft & Extortion, idk if it's becuz purple is my 2nd favorite color or becuz it has ma boi fang on it, but I really like it, and also master plan becuz I like the colors


For The Win!
Usually I use light mode than dark, But Light mode feels way too bright including the GFZ (W.I.P) Default feels too dark and weird so I stick with New Ocean! It's blue and the perfect brightness
I wanna Fly High so I can reach the highest of all the heavens
Somebody will be waiting for me so I have gotta fly higher
Gotta keep goin- everything is a brand new challenge for me
I will believe in myself, this is the only start for me


Sonic history researcher
The Fly High style In my opinion, Tails is the best character in the world and also the best style.

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