What do you think is the hardest special stage you ever played?


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It can be any special stage from any sonic game.
Had a lot of trouble with S3&K's Super Emerald Stages.

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Probably Sonic Advance 1 or 2. The weird GBA 3D hurts those stages a lot. The same issue persists a bit in Advance 3, but for some reason I found those ones way easier aside from the 7th one.


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That god f*ckin 7th special stage from Sonic 2.That special stage is so hard i needed to spent 20 coins in Sonic Origins.


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Personally, I hardly ever have a problem with the special stages in Sonic games. but if there is one that seems very difficult to me it would be Sonic 2 from Genesis Special Stages because of the bad perspective they use, which makes you not see the obstacles on the stage until they hit you.


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From the official games, I never really had problems with the special stages. But one I would point out is CD's Special Stage 5. I struggled a lot on it as a kid, even though I was able to basically first-try all of the others. (And even then I was playing on the remake :dramahog:)

As for the fan-made stuff, surprisingly enough, Triple Trouble 16-bit's Special Stage 3 already had me off-guard. The rest were a walk in the park (almost in a literal sense) after I got used to the controls, though - 3 seems like a real oddball.

Not as hard as SRB2's MP Special 7, still, but we don't talk about that :threat:


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Every special stage in any game except the first special stage?


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sonic 4 episode 2's special stage 7
you have to play absolutely PERFECTLY to get the emerald here

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Oh that’s simple

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And if we are referring to official games
Then every since special stage ever
Except the first ones usually
I’m bad at special stages but good at nights in to dreams (kinda)


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i never had any sort of trouble with special stages...

since i never go for the emeralds
Then in that case,you would never get what getting all emeralds grant.

If i say for SRB2,then its every other special stage after 5th one.


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The most I hated for a long time was Sonic 1 Special Stage 6 (I also hated Special Stage 7 on Sonic 1 2013 Mobile and Sonic Origins)

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