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Wall Running and Loops (LUA)


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Guess I just judged the dev stage wrong as this is very good proof. I look forward to when this gets finalized.


There's also a mod called halfpipe utilities on the mb, which has wallrunning and ceiling and loops and a test map.
Im curious
It looks really cool, that mod. I don't think it looks like Sonic Adventure's Wall Run in motion, though, so I think I will still be making mine, as my mod is (aiming) to make the slope physics and wall running work a little closer to Sonic Adventure 1.
Of course, i was only curious about the differences between the two mods since they both *aim* to add some kind of wall collision, or alter wall collision, whatever wall running or ceiling running is, i hope you keep making yours!


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how did you even get the mod?
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oh wait
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A STUPID amount of angle calculations and crazy person math. Here is a snip-it of a part of the script. This is all spaghetti code, though. Once I know everything works, I'm essentially going to rewrite it to make it pretty and take less processing.

View attachment 78458

I essentially am reprogramming walking from scratch as a "not a state, but acts like one" except on the wall. A lot of what is shown here is simply me testing stuff, so ignore the bottom two lines where it's essentially making gravity on the wall, but it's set to 75 as opposed to a reasonable number.

The game in it's current state is CLEARLY not meant for this. I am kind of brute forcing it.
yeash, that's a lotta code :eek:

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